Wednesday, September 7, 2016

BoM's & The After Life

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was amazing even with a few hiccups. Here it is:

Monday: lots of running around as usual! But we cleaned the apartment
and then left into the field. We didn't have any lessons but we set
lots of good appointments for this week and the coming week. We also
met a crazy person........ I can't share what

Tuesday: we had MLC like all day long................... We didn't get
back to our area until late at night.

Wednesday: we took our beautiful new car into the shop :( it had to be
fixed. But we took another companionships car. They weren't very happy
about it......... ANYWAYS. We sorted things out for our training
meeting on Thursday. After that, we began day exchanges with the
Suncrest-Sharon Park Elders. I went there! It was sooooooooo fun!!! I
haven't walked an area like that in sooooo long. I miss it so much!
Since Elder Silva is pretty new, I showed him all the different people
I used to teach when I was there. At the end of the night, we went to
house that I was working with! I'm not sure if you all remember Kaila
and Orlando? It's okay if you don't. Well, we didn't teach them but we
did teach Orlando's parents. They have never spoken to missionaries
and really haven't heard of the LDS church. We taught them and we
invited them to be baptized and they accepted! It was such a wonderful
experience to see people take such a great leap of faith. God truly
loves His children.

Thursday: we had our Zone Training Meeting! It went amazing. Our
monthly focus as a mission is the Book of Mormon. I have grown such a
massive love for the BoM! I had a love for the BoM before my mission,
but man, I gotta tell you all! It's the best book ever. A couple of
weeks ago, I made a goal to place (give out) a BoM every single day to
a non member. I haven't missed a day so far! Whether or not we teach
them, they have the most important book in their possession. We have
heard of some miracles already :) it's great!

Friday & Saturday: As a Zone, we participated in the Timpanogos
Storytelling Festival in Provo Canyon. It was super fun but super
hot!!!! I got really tan. I mean, I already am tan, but even tanner!
Anyways, we were in charge of directing traffic. Let just say, there
were lots of people who didn't listen to us.............. It was
annoying! I think this is how all the prophets felt when no one heeded
their warnings. Later that night, we met Elder Rees from the District
1 (the Polynesian elder). It was super cool! I came home that night
and watched some of the District 1 and 2. It's sooooo critical to
understand Preach My Gospel.

Sunday: One of the hiccups of this week is that Moises Morales (our
recent convert) passed away last night. He was interviewed by the
Bishop and Stake President to received the Melchizedek Priesthood. The
Bishop came into the hospice room that was filled with lots and lots
of family and friend. He and Moises' sons, ordained him an Elder. 10
minutes later, Moises passed on. Something that really helped me
understand this entire experience is my conviction in the Plan of
Salvation. In D&C 122:7,9 says “Know thou, my son, that all these
things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good...
“Therefore, hold on thy way..., for God shall be with you forever and
ever.” The challenges we go through here on this earth are a part of
the plan of happiness and are inevitable experiences. We truly have to
hold on our way and accept every single challenge AND blessing we have
with faith.

Elder Ovalles

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