Monday, August 15, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

(I just want to apologize now because this week was really swamped
with training missionaries how to use Facebook again). This week we
saw a huge miracle! A miracle that changed me and also everyone
involved. I mean, we see miracles everyday, but this one just won it
all. Here's my week:

Monday: We had Zone Activity. It was super fun!! We did different
activities that were messy. When we were cleaning up the chocolate
syrup, the bag we were putting it in RIPPED! Chocolate Syrup got all
over the ground of the kitchen. We had to clean it took
forever but was worth it haha. Later that night, we had a lesson with
Elizabeth. She is progressing, but we're getting a feeling that there
is another reason she wants to be baptized.

Tuesday: we had MLC like all day long. It was brutal...but the lunch
was so yummy! The focus of the MLC was Online Proselyting. We are one
of a couple missions that are using this new training given my the
church. We are super excited to begin teaching people the restored
gospel over Facebook and the other media we'll get to use. In the
evening, we had a lesson with Elizabeth and she came out guns blazing
and we did too. She stood firm and told us that she has enough faith
to be baptized into the church but does not want to read the Book of
Mormon and pray about Joseph Smith. We explained it to her and bore
our testimonies about the gospel. Her family also did the same.
Something that we found out is that she has throat cancer and not very
much longer here...

Wednesday: we planned with the STLs how we were going to train the
Zone on all of the training we received during MLC. We planned for a
long time...there was so much to cover in so little time (the training
given from the missionary department was about 3 hours). So we had to
throw in the needs of the Zone and everything while we were in there.

Thursday: we gave the training. It ROCKED! Elder Barbosa and Sister
Parkman are both so awesome. Luckily, we didn't have a member of the
missionary department come observe our zone training meeting, but we
did have a close second, Elder Spiers (he's one of the assistants and
also my first Zone Leader in the field).

Friday: weekly planning and cleaning out our Facebooks.....then we had
a couple lessons and Friday night was slow because everyone was
getting ready for the weekend. IT sucks! :( but that's okay, the lord
provided people for us to teach.

Saturday: no lessons but HUGE MIRACLE. On Saturday, Elder Gunter (a
senior couple that serves in the office) called and told us that a
member called on behalf of one of her non-member friends (a non-member
Hispanic) in the Provo Hospital needing a blessing because she was
going to be giving birth soon. The member gave Elder Gunter the home
address for this non-member family to see who would be the
corresponding Spanish Missionaries. It turns out to be us! Elder
Gunter asked for permission to take us down there to the hospital. As
we entered the car with Elder and SIster Gunter, he began telling us
about the non-member and how she is very interested in the gospel and
wants to be baptized along with her family. As he was speaking, he
mentioned her name. What I realized was that I found her and her
family a couple weeks before Christmas in the Suncrest Stake. I worked
with her and her family, they began to progress rapidly, was set with
a baptismal date, and we even took them to the Provo City Center
Temple Open House, which they loved. Everything was going well until
we went by again, and no one was there at all. They literally
disappeared! I was devastated. But as we entered the hospital, and
entered her room, she saw me and I saw her and emotions just swept in.
She began just talking and talking about how she didn't know how to
contact me or other missionaries. We talked, then gave the blessing. I
had the wonderful opportunity to do it. After we finished offer this
blessing, she said she felt different, she felt peace, and truth.
Everyone in the room truly felt the Spirit from their toes to their
head. Right before we left, she told me that this is a sign and that
God has spoken to her through us. We left and entered the car, and we
all agreed that there is no way that god's hand wasn't in this. I know
that God has blessed me and Elder Barbosa with experiences like this
because we have prepared ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally,
and most importantly, spiritually.

Sunday: we had our usual Sunday meetings. But testimony meeting was
great in the Lakeridge Ward. Elizabeth got there and was still pretty
set on not reading the Book of Mormon, and I kid you not, every single
testimony was given was on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. GOD

I love and miss you all!

Elder Nicolas Ovalles

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