Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

So this week has been crazy...And it will be getting crazier! So my P-days are now extremely busy!!!! Emails will be a lot shorter... We have the biggest zone in the mission so we have to drop things off to different missionaries every P-day. But yeah, I still love you all! Here is my week (summed up in a few sentences):

Monday: Transfers calls came in. I was transferred to the Lakeridge-Vineyard-Spanish YSA Area and to be Zone Leaders with Elder Florez. (Elder Florez was the Assistant that picked me up from the MTC and said one day we'll be companions). Elder Florez goes him this transfer so I will be taking over the Area and the Zone......that'll be fun.  

Tuesday: Spent the entire morning packing and planning...it was fun but kind of sad because I was actually leaving my baby area... That entire evening, I said goodbye to everyone that I was teaching and we had a few lessons that were really good because they finally accepted baptismal dates.

Wednesday:TRANSFER DAY! I met up with Elder Florez and we got to work. It was intense because he recently took the area over from some missionaries who couldn't/didn't know how to work...So it still is basically a white wash. We ran around had some cool lessons. We cover all of Orem in Spanish YSA. So we spent some time down on UVU and met some crazy young ladies....(yeah, we'll put it that way...) and so we left UVU and began our family ward lessons. It was so much running around. I get home sooooooooooooo tired. but it really is worth it! 

Thursday: we woke up at 6am and ran to UVU.....wow......it was good. the sunrise was just absolutely gorgeous!! There's like a man-made waterfall right in the middle of the campus and that is where we run to every morning now. It was fun! Since Elder Florez is going home this transfer, I'm helping with giving him advice and life help and packing (not yet haha) and everything. Elder Florez joined the church about years ago. He is the only member in his entire family. His testimony is so strong and it is felt throughout the work. 

Friday:we had a mini Zone Training Meeting. I got to train the Zone for the first time as a Zone Leader. I was nervous but the Lord helped me through it all. I think I did a good job! After that we began weekly planning but also, we had to get the building ready because we had a baptism the next day from an 11 year old boy named Christopher. He is soooooooooooo ready! I was glad he finally took that step to be baptized. 

Saturday: the baptism!!! It went super well :) his dad accidentally messed up but its okay! Chris was super excited that he has the chance to say he got baptized twice (not really, but you know what we mean). 

Sundaysunday was sooooooo long. We had lots of meetings and lots of food.......my favorite time was the YSA ward. There are so many YSA wards that there are double chapels in church buildings, meaning more than one sacrament meeting going on at once. So many people looking for their future spouse. But the thing that stood out to me the most was when the teacher (Brother Dickersen) taught about the Book of Mormon. It was really good and it motivated everyone there to take a stand for the BoM and continue to read it. The investigators we had there were impacted by it so much, they want to be baptized now :D 

Thank you all! I love and miss you all soooooooooo much! :)

Elder Ovalles

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