Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a week full of Miracles and Blessings! It was truly
the best week of the transfer and now I won't get to see more of it
here because....I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED! I am being transferred out
of Suncrest and Sharon Park, I will truly miss all of the people I had
the chance to serve in these two areas..... I will be covering 2
Spanish Wards in Orem and covering all of Orem and some of Pleasant
Grove in Spanish YSA. Also, I have been called to be a Zone Leader
over the Orem Spanish Zone with Elder Florez! They're reorganizing
some of the Zone today so I have some meetings and stuff with Elder
Florez and the Assistants today. So this email might be short! but
here is my week:

Monday: lots busy stuff.......I forgot what else we did......

Tuesday:We had a dinner planned with a Part Member Family and we were
super pumped and ready for the lesson after the dinner. We called the
Sister to confirm our appointment and she said she wouldn't be able to
host us the next evening. We were super bummed out because we were
planning on putting the investigator on date. She did tell us that she
schedule us another dinner appointment with an Active Family. We were
still grateful that she did that for us. When we got to the dinner, it
was pouring rain and we were hoping that the husband was home so we
could enter, but he wasn't home yet, so the wife had us start eating
outside. Once the husband showed up, we entered and continued eating
and talking with the family. The husband then pointed to his niece and
told "She needs to be baptized!" We thought the brother was joking
because of all the jokes he was saying during dinner. Then when we
took him seriously, we found out she actually isn't a member! He then
told us that she has never spoken with Missionaries because she has 4
SUPER HARD questions that she has never received a good answer. We
then asked what were the questions. She replied with the following:
"1. What is the importance of The Book of Mormon?" 2. How was the
world created? 3. Where did I come from? Why am I here? and Where am I
going after this life? 4. What is the apostasy?" We were shocked with
the questions because its something that we read and study about
daily! We scheduled an appointment with her for later that evening.
When we came back with our fellowshipper (the husband had to leave for
work again so we couldn't enter the home) we taught her the
Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. She took it all in and at the
end said "This makes sense, but I want to know more!" So after we all
exchanged numbers with her, we continued our other visits of the
evening. After nightly planning, the fellowshipper called us and told
us that she texted him saying "What do I need to do to be baptized?"
We were so excited!!!!! On top of all of that, she has been attending
church actively for about 2 months now and just yesterday sung with
the Ward Choir.

Wednesday: we had the chance to go out with our stake president in the
Suncrest stake, President Jensen. We visited a non member sister named
Estella. Estella told us about how the trial went and she said it went
alright and that she still has hope. She let out a lot of feelings
that she had about her daughters and about others who look down on her
situation. We testified to her about the power and love of God. We
explained to her that we will have pain, but we don't have to suffer.
President Jensen beautifully shared a scripture in Alma that touched
her heart. She liked it a lot and she also is committed to read the
restoration pamphelt.

Thursday: we had the last District Training Meeting of the
transfer......it was sad but super spiritual. I had someone (an active
RM) come give a training on how us as full time missionaries can
involve the members more and how could we do it. It was amazing. After
that we ate some really really good lunch. In the late afternoon, we
meet with a less active family, Familia Hernandez. Brother Hernandez
was working on a car and it was super nice car. He told me he'll sell
it to me for cheap when I finish my mission. So maybe, I'll come back
and buy it haha. But with the Hernandez Family, we talked to them
about their relationship with God. We talked about scripture study and
prayer and how it should be done. At first, they thought of it more as
a thing they just had to do, but w explained to them that it's
something that truly benefits us and our families. It came into the
picture that the husband has some concerns about some gospel topics,
so we will go deeper into that next week. Later in the evening we
found someone named Fernando. We were knocking at his door and right
as we were going to stop knocking, he showed up with his family. We
talked to him for a good while outside and got a really good feel of
what he is dealing with. He said he wants to be more connected with
God but had to leave some old habits behind to be a true follower. He
accepted the commit to pray more frequently to invite the spirit more
into his home and life.

Friday: we had district lunch at IHOP!!!! It was so yummy :) I ate
like a bunch of food. After that we had a really good and effective
weekly planning session. And then we were running around like crazy
people after that. Also, the other day we had a lesson with our Recent
Convert, Mario Ramirez. He brought his non member friend (who just
came from Mexico 3 hours earlier) to listen to the messages. We taught
the friend, Fernando, the plan of salvation and it stuck with him
really well because it came out that a really really close family
member recently passed away it this message gave him comfort. We
invited him to church and gently and kindly declined to the
offer.....I was like no way.....I got rejected so hard but in such a
beautiful way. We invited him again and he said if he feels compelled
to, he'll go. We were like okay, we like that answer better.

Saturday: sooooooooo much to do. We were running around because I had
to give baptismal interviews to like the whole world. But they were
really good people! I'm excited they made the decision to be baptized.
But before that, we had a lesson with Jessica Sanchez. She is super
super awesome but she wouldn't pray during the lessons. But today she
did!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooo happy. Then we had lots of interviews
after that. Then we had a Ward party in Suncrest. Lots of good food
and none of our investigators. Then we went out with a member and
contacted all of the Latinos in his Ward Boundaries. It was a lot but
we found some new investigators from it.

Sunday: Fernando came to church!!!!!!!!! After he denied us so nicely.
He showed up :) made my day. Oh and also, Julio Sifuentes told us he
wants to be baptized on June 4th!!! We're so excited for him :)

Thank you all for praying for me and my companion! We can truly feel
the love and see the blessings.

Elder Ovalles

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