Monday, April 18, 2016


This week has been super hard and extremely busy, but amazing, as usual :) here is why:

Monday: TRANSFER CALLS. The family is being split up :( ......For Elder Gams, he is being transferred to Pleasant Grove to be with Elder Kimball. Elder Gonzalez is being transferred to Eagle Mountain to be Elder Perreira, speaking English and Portuguese. As for me, I have been transferred no where (it will be month number 7 in this area...) and I have been called to train a new missionary again (my third son, Elder Gams being #1, Elder Gonzalez being #2), which Elder Lopez from Guatemala (straight from Guatemala) and I am still District Leader. Also, I officially be covering 4 Stakes (2 Spanish Wards), the Suncrest, Sharon Park, Orchard, and Cascade Stakes. Us Latinos say: Es un montón hahah... We spent the day chillin and packing. 

Tuesday: Meetings Meetings Meetings! I feel like all my life is like that now haha so I had to go to the trainers meeting again at the Mission Office. So after the meeting, we got a call saying that the apartment we were living in was going up for sale...We were like "whaaaaaaat?!". So we spent a lot of time rushing and packing and cleaning because transfers are tomorrow. Little bit after that, the Zone Leaders needed to come over to drop something off so they came and they had my trainee with them who came a couple days early. So I met him, but none of us told him that I was training him haha he's an awesome Elder. We also had lessons in between cleaning and packing and we tried to make some other visits, but it was physical impossible with what we had. Especially training to move everything with a small 2013 Corrolla. It was crazy but it worked...sorta...(Still not done....). 

Wednesday: TRANSFER DAY! I had one meeting at 6:50am with a Seminary Teacher and then at 9:00am I had the Transfer Meeting. Transfer Meeting is always so fun because it reminds me of when I got to the field. Nervous, scared, excited, curious, homesick, etc. It was cool to see that my trainee was just glowing with excitement. So after all the transfer excitement, we picked up everything of his and put it into the car. We also had Elder Gonzalez with us for the day because his companion was in Salt Lake City. So after the mission office, we went to the new apartment (we live with the Felt Family, in their basement. super nice old people. I love old people. they have been housing missionaries there since 2005). Anyways, we shot right to daily planning. We planned for the lessons we had, and immediately Elder Lopez began involving himself. Asking questions and giving ideas and everything, if Elder Lopez was an investigator, he would be the most Golden Investigator I have ever since. He is so ready and I am so excited to be his companion. After that, we took Elder Lopez to eat Chick-Fil-A (something he has never ever had before in his entire life. AND HE LOVED IT). After that, we shopped for him at WinCo. (by the way, with the new way that the Zone is arranged, I have all of Orem in my District! I can finally to everything I couldn't go to for the past 6 months. Walmart, Costco, Marshall's, the DI, everything!!!!!!) After shopping, I had to conduct two Baptismal Interviews that went amazing. Those individuals were so ready!!!! Later after dinner, we ran into my TRC (the investigator I taught in the MTC. I mean he is really a member but I still got to see him and his wife again! Wonderful people!!) The downside of the day was that all of our lessons fell through. But that didn't discourage us.  

Thursday: Meetings, Planning.....that was our day...with a couple lessons here and there.......

Friday: Meetings, Planning.....that was our day...

Saturday: we invited Mario to a baptism other Elders were having but something happened and he couldn't come. But after that, Elder Lopez started not to feel well and it was bad. But then the Assistants called and asked if we could take one of the assistants for a little bit while the other one goes to a baptism in UVU. we said yes of course! But then 5 minutes before our lesson, they called asking if we could pick pick up Elder McCreadie from UVU. So we had to rush down there and get him and make it to our lesson. we had a lesson with Jessica Sanchez! She is so solid. She really wants to learn more and have a better life with her family. She has prayed about the Book of Mormon and she knows its true, but she won't come to church......or pray during the lessons. Its something that we're working with. After the lesson, we talked to some latinos and Elder McCreadie (who is on an english assignment right now as an Assistant to the President) got to show off his Spanish and shock a couple of guys into meeting with us later next week. Anyways, we drove back down to UVU and met up with the other Assistant, Elder Bullock. We talked with them for a little bit and then went on our way. The student (mostly the women) at UVU are such missionaries. Its so bad....we couldn't make it to our car without having people approach us to ask about ourselves and to see if we could come have dinner with their friends. We told them no because it isn't in our area. Then later we were told by the UVU Elders that there is a Spanish Fever running around campus so that's the reason President doesn't us colored people down to YSA hahahah. I'm sure that's not the reason, but it did sure make us laugh :) we also went to a ward party in Sharon Park. It was a Spanish Cultural Night. Wow.....good Spanish Food....from everywhere <3

Sunday:We had several meetings. One at 7-7:30am and then 7:30-8am and then 8-8:30am.... It was truly a long morning....... then we had church in Sharon Park. Mario Ramirez came!!!!!!!!!!! Which means he can be baptized this Saturday :) and he will!!!!!!!! First Baptism in this ward in over a year. I'll share the story next week on how we found him 4 weeks ago. Anyways, church went on and it was nice. The speakers spoke on the atonement! It was amazing. Because Mario sat next to us and talked about how he wanted to help his girlfriend understand the Atonement. Sacrament Meeting ended and he called her and TOLD her (not asked or invited her) to come to church now. We had to leave so we didn't know if she came or not, but we will find out on Tuesday when Mario has his Baptismal Interview. and then we went to our other Sacrament Meeting and it was amazing as usual. Elder Lopez started to not feel well again so we called the Mission Nurse who directed us to the Mission Doctor. We talked to him about the way Elder Lopez was feeling. I had to describe it for him (his English is good but not fluent). The Doctor told us that if the pain is bad enough, he can go to the ER or get a prescription at Walmart that will calm it down until tomorrow. So we decided on the pills. Wow, going to the store in Utah on a Sunday as a missionary....woah.....things got crazy.......I don't think I've heard such nasty things said to me before.....But we got the pills and left. It was like walking around in the Great and Spacious Building.......Anyways,  Dr.Rose told him that he has to stay in bed for the rest of the night. So we stayed home and I just read my scriptures and ate some granola. 

I hope you all have an amazing week this week! Next I email you all, I will be 19 years old! Wow....the time does fly by quickly. 

Elder Nicolas Ovalles

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