Monday, April 25, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

(I'm short on time because the Family History Center is going to close really soon, but I'll be as detailed and quick as possible) This week has been great! We worked hard, had a birthday, had a baptism, had lots of free food, and most importantly, we lived our purpose!

Monday: P-Day was crazy because I had to take Elder Lopez to the Doctor in Spanish Fork! Don't worry, he's alive! Anyways, after that, we began emailing but the wifi went down in the Family History Center but it went back up 3 hours during that time we bought groceries and cleaned a little bit more. 

Tuesday:today was even more crazy because we had so much work to do! We had lunch with a Senior Couple in one of the stakes we cover. After lunch, we correlated with them about the Spanish Families that live in the stake boundaries. We found out of Sister who recently was separated from her husband for different reasons and we felt like she needed a visit even thought she was English Speaking. We felt like it wouldn't benefit the Spanish Work, but we didn't know how because it was in the wealthier side of our area (General Authorities, Returned Mission Presidents, etc) So we talked to the Senior Couple and asked them what they think, they told us that the Sisters Mom is in town and she is strictly Spanish Speaking AND from Guatemala (Elder Lopez's hometown) and Less Active. It was way cool to miracles unfold by using the resources we have as missionaries. We contacted that family immediately after correlating! We taught the Sister from Guatemala and she was very pleased to see us and we were able to share a message of hope and strength, which turned out to be exactly what she needed to hear so she can help her daughter. The Senior Elder bore a powerful testimony that touched the heart of the Sister even though it was in English. I know that the Spirit was there! It was amazing to see emotions and memories rekindled by The Book of Mormon. She accepted a return appointment! We can't wait to visit with her again. Also, later that night Mario Ramirez had his Baptismal Interview and PASSED! He will be baptized this Saturday. THE MAN IS SUPER SOLID. He is ready to be baptized tonight!

Wednesday:While we were walking, we saw a lady smoking... (how can we not talk to a lady smoking in Utah?) anyways, we got up to her and she started speaking Spanish to us and it totally caught us off guard! We began speaking Spanish too. She told us 

Thursday:We had DTM and that was super good because I finally learned how to get everyone to participate.....SNACKS. 

Friday: MY BIRTHDAY! :) it was good and busy day. In the morning, we at the old apartment moving out and the Zone Leaders called telling us to go back to our other apartment for something from the mission office, I thought it was another package. So once we get downstairs of the new apartment, the Assistants and the Zone Leaders jumped out and sang happy birthday and gave me a birthday hat, hug, and a card :) it was awesome! After that we weekly planned for a long time and then began setting up for Mario's Baptism. 

Saturday:Had wonderful lessons and then a baptism!!! MARIO RAMIREZ WAS BAPTIZED! It was so gooooooood and super spiritual. 

Sunday:Today Mario was confirmed :) AND received the Aaronic Priesthood! AHHHH it was a great day :) 

Sorry that this was so short! :( but I hope you all have a great week :)

Elder Ovalles

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