Monday, April 4, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

Here's my busy but fun week:

Monday: we did shopping and wrote emails. After that, we just played
basketball and ate some food. It was a relaxing P-Day. After that, we
had a lesson with the congers. We read with them out of the Book of
Mormon. Specifically out of 3 Nephi. We read in chapter 13 about how
man cannot serve God and Mammon. We testified that the natural man
does conquer us at times but through Jesus Christ, we can conquer all
of that. We invited them to read the next chapter so we can have more
time to talk about it.

Tuesday: crazy day because we keep jumping back and forth from the
areas. We found new people in Sharon park and set up appointments for
next week! It was good. Once we got to Suncrest, we had a lesson with
Sergio Gabriel. He's a good kid! We taught him at the door. We talked
about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how that when we read
it everyday, we can feel more happiness in his life. That really
struck because he said he wants to be happy always. We left him a
chapter to read in the Book of Mormon. We told him to read before the
soccer game started. Let's see if he did haha really late in the
evening (like 10:27pm) an investigator named Julio, from the Sharon
Park area, called and asked us to be baptized. That totally caught us
off guard but we told him yes and we asked if we could meet with him
and he said yes, everyday please! Miracles!!!!!

Wednesday: we had another long but very productive day :) we spent
most of the day in Sharon Park because it's gone done from 50 lessons
a week to 9...... So we picked it back up this week. But when we did
get to Suncrest, we had time to set some lessons for later in the week
and next week, but we also had the chance to visit a less active
member. We read with him the introduction of the Book of Mormon and we
were trying help understand the history and significance of the book.
He said he's never read the introduction and that it cleared up some
of the doubts he's had in the past. We invited him to read the
introduction and to pray about this book. He said he would! :) we
taught Julio (golden investigator) and his Mormon girlfriend was there
trying to take over the lesson. Julio knows a little bit of English
but mostly speaks Spanish. His girlfriend speaks only English, and
nothing of Spanish. I don't know how it works, but yeah......anyways,
she tried to take over the entire lesson and teach him something he's
already been taught. By the way, I didn't get to teach anything
because I had to translate for her the entire lesson. I mean it was
good for Elder Gams and Gonzalez to teach by themselves. It's good
practice for people who haven't been out that long. Anyways, Julio
told us to come back in the morning when his girlfriend can't come

Thursday: we came by in the morning and taught Julio. We went over the
stuff he's been taught before and some new things. He's expressed to
us that he wants to do this for himself and not his Mormon girlfriend.
He's so awesome! After that, we had District Training Meeting! I think
I did a good job this week! Haha I made sure everyone was involved and
participated and voiced their thoughts. It was my last DTM of the
transfer :( ahhhhhhh I can't believe the transfer is almost
over!!!!!!!! After that, we went home did studies and planned like
crazy. At the end of the evening, we tried to find Dalilah but her
husband opened the door. He is not interested much but wants his kids
to have the influence of the church in there lives because of our
example. He does not have much faith. He said that he has been to
church before but did not go well because his kids didn't want to go
to their class and they were crying. He talked about how he even
wanted his son to serve a mission. He was all over the place. But he
doesn't want us to come talk to his wife because he thinks he is the
solution to her problems....... (Prideful or nah?) we told him we
would prefer talking to the wide face to face to confirm that
outrageous claim. She came to the door and invited us to come over
next week when she was off of work.

Friday:new weekly planned like the entire day with some lessons in
between and then had the best sleep ever that night

Saturday: general conference!!!! So amazing :)

Sunday: General conference!!! Soooooooooo amazing :) and that night,
we had a special musical performance. I mean our mission didn't
perform but a musical group performed for us. The event was called
"The Lamb of God" which was a musical talking about the life of Jesus
Christ. It was amazing!!!!!! We got home really late though :( it was
in Saratoga Springs........... My first time there........ I love Utah
country.... There were open fields and you could see stars! I mean you
can see them in Orem too but they shine bright out there.

Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing week and I invite you all to
share a conference talk to a friend this week. Do it and you'll see
them change :)

Elder Ovalles

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