Monday, April 25, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

(I'm short on time because the Family History Center is going to close really soon, but I'll be as detailed and quick as possible) This week has been great! We worked hard, had a birthday, had a baptism, had lots of free food, and most importantly, we lived our purpose!

Monday: P-Day was crazy because I had to take Elder Lopez to the Doctor in Spanish Fork! Don't worry, he's alive! Anyways, after that, we began emailing but the wifi went down in the Family History Center but it went back up 3 hours during that time we bought groceries and cleaned a little bit more. 

Tuesday:today was even more crazy because we had so much work to do! We had lunch with a Senior Couple in one of the stakes we cover. After lunch, we correlated with them about the Spanish Families that live in the stake boundaries. We found out of Sister who recently was separated from her husband for different reasons and we felt like she needed a visit even thought she was English Speaking. We felt like it wouldn't benefit the Spanish Work, but we didn't know how because it was in the wealthier side of our area (General Authorities, Returned Mission Presidents, etc) So we talked to the Senior Couple and asked them what they think, they told us that the Sisters Mom is in town and she is strictly Spanish Speaking AND from Guatemala (Elder Lopez's hometown) and Less Active. It was way cool to miracles unfold by using the resources we have as missionaries. We contacted that family immediately after correlating! We taught the Sister from Guatemala and she was very pleased to see us and we were able to share a message of hope and strength, which turned out to be exactly what she needed to hear so she can help her daughter. The Senior Elder bore a powerful testimony that touched the heart of the Sister even though it was in English. I know that the Spirit was there! It was amazing to see emotions and memories rekindled by The Book of Mormon. She accepted a return appointment! We can't wait to visit with her again. Also, later that night Mario Ramirez had his Baptismal Interview and PASSED! He will be baptized this Saturday. THE MAN IS SUPER SOLID. He is ready to be baptized tonight!

Wednesday:While we were walking, we saw a lady smoking... (how can we not talk to a lady smoking in Utah?) anyways, we got up to her and she started speaking Spanish to us and it totally caught us off guard! We began speaking Spanish too. She told us 

Thursday:We had DTM and that was super good because I finally learned how to get everyone to participate.....SNACKS. 

Friday: MY BIRTHDAY! :) it was good and busy day. In the morning, we at the old apartment moving out and the Zone Leaders called telling us to go back to our other apartment for something from the mission office, I thought it was another package. So once we get downstairs of the new apartment, the Assistants and the Zone Leaders jumped out and sang happy birthday and gave me a birthday hat, hug, and a card :) it was awesome! After that we weekly planned for a long time and then began setting up for Mario's Baptism. 

Saturday:Had wonderful lessons and then a baptism!!! MARIO RAMIREZ WAS BAPTIZED! It was so gooooooood and super spiritual. 

Sunday:Today Mario was confirmed :) AND received the Aaronic Priesthood! AHHHH it was a great day :) 

Sorry that this was so short! :( but I hope you all have a great week :)

Elder Ovalles

Monday, April 18, 2016


This week has been super hard and extremely busy, but amazing, as usual :) here is why:

Monday: TRANSFER CALLS. The family is being split up :( ......For Elder Gams, he is being transferred to Pleasant Grove to be with Elder Kimball. Elder Gonzalez is being transferred to Eagle Mountain to be Elder Perreira, speaking English and Portuguese. As for me, I have been transferred no where (it will be month number 7 in this area...) and I have been called to train a new missionary again (my third son, Elder Gams being #1, Elder Gonzalez being #2), which Elder Lopez from Guatemala (straight from Guatemala) and I am still District Leader. Also, I officially be covering 4 Stakes (2 Spanish Wards), the Suncrest, Sharon Park, Orchard, and Cascade Stakes. Us Latinos say: Es un montón hahah... We spent the day chillin and packing. 

Tuesday: Meetings Meetings Meetings! I feel like all my life is like that now haha so I had to go to the trainers meeting again at the Mission Office. So after the meeting, we got a call saying that the apartment we were living in was going up for sale...We were like "whaaaaaaat?!". So we spent a lot of time rushing and packing and cleaning because transfers are tomorrow. Little bit after that, the Zone Leaders needed to come over to drop something off so they came and they had my trainee with them who came a couple days early. So I met him, but none of us told him that I was training him haha he's an awesome Elder. We also had lessons in between cleaning and packing and we tried to make some other visits, but it was physical impossible with what we had. Especially training to move everything with a small 2013 Corrolla. It was crazy but it worked...sorta...(Still not done....). 

Wednesday: TRANSFER DAY! I had one meeting at 6:50am with a Seminary Teacher and then at 9:00am I had the Transfer Meeting. Transfer Meeting is always so fun because it reminds me of when I got to the field. Nervous, scared, excited, curious, homesick, etc. It was cool to see that my trainee was just glowing with excitement. So after all the transfer excitement, we picked up everything of his and put it into the car. We also had Elder Gonzalez with us for the day because his companion was in Salt Lake City. So after the mission office, we went to the new apartment (we live with the Felt Family, in their basement. super nice old people. I love old people. they have been housing missionaries there since 2005). Anyways, we shot right to daily planning. We planned for the lessons we had, and immediately Elder Lopez began involving himself. Asking questions and giving ideas and everything, if Elder Lopez was an investigator, he would be the most Golden Investigator I have ever since. He is so ready and I am so excited to be his companion. After that, we took Elder Lopez to eat Chick-Fil-A (something he has never ever had before in his entire life. AND HE LOVED IT). After that, we shopped for him at WinCo. (by the way, with the new way that the Zone is arranged, I have all of Orem in my District! I can finally to everything I couldn't go to for the past 6 months. Walmart, Costco, Marshall's, the DI, everything!!!!!!) After shopping, I had to conduct two Baptismal Interviews that went amazing. Those individuals were so ready!!!! Later after dinner, we ran into my TRC (the investigator I taught in the MTC. I mean he is really a member but I still got to see him and his wife again! Wonderful people!!) The downside of the day was that all of our lessons fell through. But that didn't discourage us.  

Thursday: Meetings, Planning.....that was our day...with a couple lessons here and there.......

Friday: Meetings, Planning.....that was our day...

Saturday: we invited Mario to a baptism other Elders were having but something happened and he couldn't come. But after that, Elder Lopez started not to feel well and it was bad. But then the Assistants called and asked if we could take one of the assistants for a little bit while the other one goes to a baptism in UVU. we said yes of course! But then 5 minutes before our lesson, they called asking if we could pick pick up Elder McCreadie from UVU. So we had to rush down there and get him and make it to our lesson. we had a lesson with Jessica Sanchez! She is so solid. She really wants to learn more and have a better life with her family. She has prayed about the Book of Mormon and she knows its true, but she won't come to church......or pray during the lessons. Its something that we're working with. After the lesson, we talked to some latinos and Elder McCreadie (who is on an english assignment right now as an Assistant to the President) got to show off his Spanish and shock a couple of guys into meeting with us later next week. Anyways, we drove back down to UVU and met up with the other Assistant, Elder Bullock. We talked with them for a little bit and then went on our way. The student (mostly the women) at UVU are such missionaries. Its so bad....we couldn't make it to our car without having people approach us to ask about ourselves and to see if we could come have dinner with their friends. We told them no because it isn't in our area. Then later we were told by the UVU Elders that there is a Spanish Fever running around campus so that's the reason President doesn't us colored people down to YSA hahahah. I'm sure that's not the reason, but it did sure make us laugh :) we also went to a ward party in Sharon Park. It was a Spanish Cultural Night. Wow.....good Spanish Food....from everywhere <3

Sunday:We had several meetings. One at 7-7:30am and then 7:30-8am and then 8-8:30am.... It was truly a long morning....... then we had church in Sharon Park. Mario Ramirez came!!!!!!!!!!! Which means he can be baptized this Saturday :) and he will!!!!!!!! First Baptism in this ward in over a year. I'll share the story next week on how we found him 4 weeks ago. Anyways, church went on and it was nice. The speakers spoke on the atonement! It was amazing. Because Mario sat next to us and talked about how he wanted to help his girlfriend understand the Atonement. Sacrament Meeting ended and he called her and TOLD her (not asked or invited her) to come to church now. We had to leave so we didn't know if she came or not, but we will find out on Tuesday when Mario has his Baptismal Interview. and then we went to our other Sacrament Meeting and it was amazing as usual. Elder Lopez started to not feel well again so we called the Mission Nurse who directed us to the Mission Doctor. We talked to him about the way Elder Lopez was feeling. I had to describe it for him (his English is good but not fluent). The Doctor told us that if the pain is bad enough, he can go to the ER or get a prescription at Walmart that will calm it down until tomorrow. So we decided on the pills. Wow, going to the store in Utah on a Sunday as a missionary....woah.....things got crazy.......I don't think I've heard such nasty things said to me before.....But we got the pills and left. It was like walking around in the Great and Spacious Building.......Anyways,  Dr.Rose told him that he has to stay in bed for the rest of the night. So we stayed home and I just read my scriptures and ate some granola. 

I hope you all have an amazing week this week! Next I email you all, I will be 19 years old! Wow....the time does fly by quickly. 

Elder Nicolas Ovalles

Monday, April 11, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

This week, we worked the hardest ever!!! Since transfers are this
Wednesday, we tried to teach as many lessons in both areas as possible
so if other missionaries go into them, they'll have people to teach.
Anyways, here's my week:

Monday: p-day was extremely fun! In the morning we emailed a bit,
cleaned, dropped off our car at the shop, bought groceries at the
dollar store, had Zone Activity, and then we stayed at the house and
finished emailing. It was long but extremely fun :) after p-day was
over, we taught some lessons. The one that stood out the most was
Silvestre and Karla. We finally got a lesson with them! We started off
talking about our daily life. He talked about his job and how he feels
he can cope with it all day by day. We told him how trusting in the
lord can bring peace to his life after quoting 2 nephi chapter 4 he
took that in and responded saying how he has had a rough childhood. He
then went into how he wants the best for is daughter and wants her to
have a fun childhood. We then discussed the roles of fathers and
mothers with him and Karla. After that we discussed how the scriptures
and prayer help us in our lives. We then invented them to read the
Book of Mormon and our next appointment we will watch Elder Hollands

Tuesday: today felt extra short because we were biking everywhere! We
biked over 28 miles............ Let's just say, I was pretty tired by
the end of the night. Today in the trailer park, there was a lost girl
(about 3 or 4 years old) who was just crying at the entrance of the
park. When we tried to help she ran away crying!!! We were like, you
don't have to be scared and she ran away even faster! Like the girl
has speed and stamina! We told some neighbors to come with us (so it
doesn't look like we're following her in an inappropriate way) and we
followed her and she made it home. And we knocked on the door and the
father opened up and was mean to us. (In my head I'm like, dude, if we
didn't scare her down there, she could of made onto the Main Street
and could of easily gotten hit. Like super easily. She's small and
it's dark and lots of construction. I was like, we saved her life) we
explained to him everything that happened and then we was a little
grateful. We tried to turn into a teaching opportunity and he just
closed the door and pretended like he didn't hear us.......we walked
away and we were like wow hahahaha there's a reason this happened but
we don't know why. Oh well!! After that we decided to walk to our
bikes. There is one person that stuck out to me today. He's an English
speaker but he's awesome! His name is Brother Washburn. We talked
about how Jesus and our Heavenly Father are there for us and helps us
in our life. We shared how they have helped us through the Book of
Mormon in Heleman 5:12 and also 2 Nephi 4. We shared how our faith can
grow through prayer, scripture study and the wonderful messages of the
modern day prophets. We invited him to pray and build a relatoinship
with our Father in Heaven. He was telling us about his challenges and
what not and that he hasn't prayed in a while.

Wednesday: we had a busy day! We had to bike to teach a lesson right
next to Provo from where we were at that moment it
would be a long and cold bike ride..... We biked and biked and my
companions started murmuring haha not really but they were like "I
never want to ride a bike again" but I told them if we keep press
forward we will be blessed, and after they groaned, Elder Anderson
(Vehicle Coordinator) called telling us our car was ready at the shop
:) my companions were so excited! Hahaha but I told them that they
have to earn it. So I challenged them place two Books of Mormon in
this Gas Station we stopped at on our way back. They said they would
and we went in and it was many people. They were like
maybe we should do it another time, but I said to them that there is
someone in here waiting for us. So we grabbed our BoMs and went back
inside. We talked to everyone and gave out the BoMs we had in our bags
and set some appointments for ourselves and other missionaries. As we
were biking back we were all super humbled by the experience. We were
like, this is going to be a good day :) so we taught quite a few
lessons in Sharon Park and after dinner, we went to visit the Cruz
Family. We asked Hector asked if we could met with José (his non
member friend). So Hector got on Facebook and started chatting with
him set one up for us at Menchies (José's parents don't want him to be
taught in his home). So all 5 of us got there and we got something
small to eat (it was 50% off for missionaries). We sat there and ate
some really good froyo. We talked with Jose and wanted to know what
his thoughts were about the gospel and everything. He told us he has
been reading and wants to learn more. We read with him and testified
about the importance of baptism. He expressed that this is something
that he needs to do. So we invited him to be baptized on May 6th (it
was all in the moment and didn't realize it was a Friday so we will
switch it to Saturday the 7th). He has friends who will help him get
prepared and help with all of this. Hopefully, Hector can be there to
help and eventually be the one to baptize him. Im super excited for
José, he's a very good kid.

Thursday: we did lots of service was a crazy amount
because it was all unplanned. We were just walking around asking for
people if there is anything we could do for them. So yeah, that was
the majority of the day. We taught a good amount of lessons in Sharon
Park and then came back over to Suncrest for the last lesson of the
night, the Gomez Family. The lesson went pretty well. (The husband was
basically asleep, but he still listened and contributed here and
there) We talked about their concerns on religion. They explained to
us everything they've been through (missionary lessons) and the
hermana said that she was practically done with the lessons in Provo.
The missionaries over there said before she gets baptized she needs to
remove all her saints and virgins and everything. She was like "que?!"
After that, she said she will invite all missionaries in but she won't
stop or change her traditions. And then she invited us over again to
talk more and to cook for us. Soooooo we'll see how that goes :)

Friday: we had Zone Training Meeting like the entire morning. It was
really good! I always love training meetings because they give me such
a boost for the rest of the week. We talked about using our time
wisely! Which something lots of missionaries need to hear. Anyways,
after that, we did weekly was so long, but worth it.
We got so much done! During weekly planning, someone called us and
said that he was getting married to a non member who received the
majority of the lessons already and wants to be baptized. We were like
whaaaaaaat?! Miracle!!! So we set an appointment with him and her.
After that and after dinner, we went to go visit the Gutierrez Family.
We haven't had the chance to talk them in a while so we decided to
drop by and visit them. We found out that they have been doing well
and that they have been a little sick. We began discussing general
conference and their needs. They told us they have lots of family
members who question their reasoning why they joined the church. They
asked for answers so they can stand firmer when they start attacking
them. So I was like "do they want us to teach them how to bible bash?"
Hahaha I mean of course we're not going to do that, but it sure sounds
like that.

Saturday: we had a stake correlation meeting at's so
brutal.......but we did it and we had success. Haha but after that we
had a morning filled with good studies and good food! We visited a lot
of people and set lessons up and we taught lots of lessons in Sharon
Park. Then we decided to do splits so I went with Tyler Black, super
awesome guy!!!! We were looking for Ivan (his recent convert son) but
he wasn't home. We met with the dad and shared a wonderful message
about Jesus Christ and how he is the center of everything that we do.
We testified of the importance of following his example. We challenged
him to share that light he sees in his life, with someone else in his
life. As we left, we went to go contact the neighbors and set some
lessons up. We visited the Gabriels and also the Perez Family. When we
left the Perez, Ivan was just pulling in from work! We talked to him
and he invited us in to share a message with him. We talked a lot
about missionary work and preparing to serving a mission. We tied it
all into Jesus Christ and discussed Easter. We shared the kids video
"Follow Him". It was super good to see him explain it to his brothers
and sisters. His sister Andrea is not a member and wants to learn
more! She asked if she could come to church and we were like yes!!!!
Ivan is going to take her with him to the Ward.

Sunday: Sundays are always amazing. The testimonies were great in both
of the wards we covered. Some of our investigators couldn't come to
church because it was Election Day in Peru so they had to go to Salt
Lake City or else they were going to get fined. But after church, we
had a lesson with that person that called us Friday. They fed us lunch
too! It was so good :) then we taught her and she said that she was
receiving the lessons in Park City but that she'll have those sisters
send us her records so we can teach over here. It was awesome! The
rest of the evening was a blur but I know we taught lots of lessons
and got empanadas too :)

Here's an email from a Less Active Sister my trainer and I were
teaching in this area. It truly made my week (names were withheld):

"Hola Mis Queridos Elderes!

Ha pasado bastante tiempo desde el último día en que los vi, and much
has changed since then too. I'd like to start by saying THANK YOU!!!
There is no possible way for me to describe the love I have for Jesus
Christ, His Gospel, and for you. Yes, even you. Allow me to explain,
cuando [my husband] y yo vivíamos Orem, our life was a dark, dark
place to be. My feelings of my miscarriage were still very raw. I
cried a lot (as you may very well remember). I was trying to return to
church... to become active again. But it was hard. It was so, so very
hard. No obstante,  I had a small particle of light that came weekly
to that dark abyss I was living in (hint: you). En ese entonces, no
podía ver y mucho menos entender que Dios no me había abandonado. El
venía a mi en la forma de ustedes para darme la fuerza suficiente para
seguir adelante. Those moments cuando los cubría con mis cobijas y les
daba Chocolate Abuelita o té... those moments cuando simplemente
hablábamos como si estuviéramos alrededor de una fogonera in the
middle of winter... those moments when you would not hesitate to give
me a blessing.... those moments are what I remember con mucho cariño.

"Verily, verily, I say unto you that inasmuch as yet have done unto
one of the least of these, my brethren,  yet have done it unto me"

Elders, I truly feel that you were like Christ in disguise at that
time. He kept me company, listened to me, and blessed me as I
constantly cried. And I, in turn, tried to feed you and keep you warm.
You may not feel even close to how I see you, pero realmente fueron un
instrumento en las manos de Dios. And so, I thank you for your
service. Tal vez, como mucho misioneros, no ven los frutos de su
misión... pero I want you to know the impact you had on my life. No,
you did not baptize me, nor did you bring the gospel to my life.  But
you helped keep a balm on my vulnerable weary soul, where, if not, I
would have withered away and given way to the desire to take away my
own life. And so, if you feel that it has come to nothing else, know
that you helped save my life, and I'm not saying that lightly. I was
suicidal, and those precious moments where you came to visit me and
[my husband] helped me hang on just a little longer, just a little
tighter to Hope.

Finally,  I'd like to update you on our life. El 30 de noviembre 2015
nos mudamos de regreso a Heber con mi mamá (Todavía vivimos con ella),
and our burden was made much lighter. Finalmente metimos los papeles
de [my husband] para inmigración y estamos esperando la respuesta a
nuestra petición, the first out of this 3-step process of immigration.
[my husband] returned to the job he had before we moved to Orem. I
took a 3 month vacation from work, and am back working at Smiths in
Heber City. And..... I have been called as a Second Counselor of the
Relief Society! I no longer cry every day and have felt my spiritual
strength come back (for the most part). I am currently tackling my
weight and have lost 13 lbs in a month and a half. Needless to say
that I am doing much better.  No, our biggest dream in the form of a
child has not com to fruition... but I have come to accept and
understand that it is better for us to pass through sorrow and pain. I
have come to accept and to be patient. Thank you!

En cuanto a mi querido y amado esposo, I feel him taking hesitant
steps towards the truth. On one occasion we were talking about my mom
seeming to convert into a TJ -- and he said "yo see que estamos en la
iglesia correcta..." !!!!  On another occasion, when I spoke to [my
husband] about my feelings in regards to the dedication of the Provo
Center City Temple, Adrian told me that he would go back to the
temple!!! Granted, he said he'd do it for me, and I told him to do it
for him and not me. I further told him to prepare for that nasty
battle Satan will throw our way when he wants to come back. Yes, he
then backed away and said that he'd might as well not go back. But I
gave him no reprieve... I asked him that if we were to have a healthy
baby in the future, would all our pain and suffering be worth it? Yes,
he answered. And so I replied with "same with the temple and this
gospel" ... He still has a long way to go, but I have so much hope for
him and will be here to guide him every step of the way.

Estamos mejor, y solo espero pacientemente para el día de mañana
mientras hago lo necesario para el día de hoy. Siento que haya tomado
mucho tiempo de sus emails para hablar con sus familias, pero sentí la
gran necesidad de tratar de expresar mis sentimientos y de catch up on
life with you.  Espero que algún día regresen para que pueda darles el
abrazo que tanto quería darles en Orem.

Mis Queridos Elderes, I know the Church is true. I know that I passed
through hell and back during my time in Orem because of Satan trying
to stop me from coming back. But I am stronger than he. He will not
win. I will look forward towards the tomorrow and enjoy my life today.
I know that Christ lives and that he has never abandoned me even when
I felt so angry with God. I know the Church is true, and as such, I
know the Book of Mormon is true. As such, I know that Joseph Smith
never lied. I love Christ, I love this gospel, I love my husband,  and
tengo muchísimo cariño y amor para ustedes.

With ever so much love,

[Name Withheld]"

Even through the challenges of life, we can see that light we so
desperately are seeking for, through our love and service to others.
We would go by every other day and sometimes everyday, but because her
husband wasn't home all the time, we couldn't go inside. So, she would
go inside and get chairs for us to sit on the porch of her trailer.
She would get blankets and cover us and fed us hot chocolate. The
warmth we felt every single time we met with her, wasn't from the hot
chocolate or the blankets, but from the spirit we were able to feel as
we taught and helped her. It's true, sometimes we don't see the fruits
of our labor, but her experiences show that God does love his children
and helps them in their time of need.

Elder Ovalles

Transfer Doctrine: we're officially combining the Suncrest and Sharon
Park Areas, I'm staying and I'm still District Leader! My sons, Elder
Gams and Gonzalez, are being transferred. Oh and I'm training a brand
new missionary again! :D he's coming from Guatemala!!! I'm sooooo
pumped :)

Monday, April 4, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

Here's my busy but fun week:

Monday: we did shopping and wrote emails. After that, we just played
basketball and ate some food. It was a relaxing P-Day. After that, we
had a lesson with the congers. We read with them out of the Book of
Mormon. Specifically out of 3 Nephi. We read in chapter 13 about how
man cannot serve God and Mammon. We testified that the natural man
does conquer us at times but through Jesus Christ, we can conquer all
of that. We invited them to read the next chapter so we can have more
time to talk about it.

Tuesday: crazy day because we keep jumping back and forth from the
areas. We found new people in Sharon park and set up appointments for
next week! It was good. Once we got to Suncrest, we had a lesson with
Sergio Gabriel. He's a good kid! We taught him at the door. We talked
about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how that when we read
it everyday, we can feel more happiness in his life. That really
struck because he said he wants to be happy always. We left him a
chapter to read in the Book of Mormon. We told him to read before the
soccer game started. Let's see if he did haha really late in the
evening (like 10:27pm) an investigator named Julio, from the Sharon
Park area, called and asked us to be baptized. That totally caught us
off guard but we told him yes and we asked if we could meet with him
and he said yes, everyday please! Miracles!!!!!

Wednesday: we had another long but very productive day :) we spent
most of the day in Sharon Park because it's gone done from 50 lessons
a week to 9...... So we picked it back up this week. But when we did
get to Suncrest, we had time to set some lessons for later in the week
and next week, but we also had the chance to visit a less active
member. We read with him the introduction of the Book of Mormon and we
were trying help understand the history and significance of the book.
He said he's never read the introduction and that it cleared up some
of the doubts he's had in the past. We invited him to read the
introduction and to pray about this book. He said he would! :) we
taught Julio (golden investigator) and his Mormon girlfriend was there
trying to take over the lesson. Julio knows a little bit of English
but mostly speaks Spanish. His girlfriend speaks only English, and
nothing of Spanish. I don't know how it works, but yeah......anyways,
she tried to take over the entire lesson and teach him something he's
already been taught. By the way, I didn't get to teach anything
because I had to translate for her the entire lesson. I mean it was
good for Elder Gams and Gonzalez to teach by themselves. It's good
practice for people who haven't been out that long. Anyways, Julio
told us to come back in the morning when his girlfriend can't come

Thursday: we came by in the morning and taught Julio. We went over the
stuff he's been taught before and some new things. He's expressed to
us that he wants to do this for himself and not his Mormon girlfriend.
He's so awesome! After that, we had District Training Meeting! I think
I did a good job this week! Haha I made sure everyone was involved and
participated and voiced their thoughts. It was my last DTM of the
transfer :( ahhhhhhh I can't believe the transfer is almost
over!!!!!!!! After that, we went home did studies and planned like
crazy. At the end of the evening, we tried to find Dalilah but her
husband opened the door. He is not interested much but wants his kids
to have the influence of the church in there lives because of our
example. He does not have much faith. He said that he has been to
church before but did not go well because his kids didn't want to go
to their class and they were crying. He talked about how he even
wanted his son to serve a mission. He was all over the place. But he
doesn't want us to come talk to his wife because he thinks he is the
solution to her problems....... (Prideful or nah?) we told him we
would prefer talking to the wide face to face to confirm that
outrageous claim. She came to the door and invited us to come over
next week when she was off of work.

Friday:new weekly planned like the entire day with some lessons in
between and then had the best sleep ever that night

Saturday: general conference!!!! So amazing :)

Sunday: General conference!!! Soooooooooo amazing :) and that night,
we had a special musical performance. I mean our mission didn't
perform but a musical group performed for us. The event was called
"The Lamb of God" which was a musical talking about the life of Jesus
Christ. It was amazing!!!!!! We got home really late though :( it was
in Saratoga Springs........... My first time there........ I love Utah
country.... There were open fields and you could see stars! I mean you
can see them in Orem too but they shine bright out there.

Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing week and I invite you all to
share a conference talk to a friend this week. Do it and you'll see
them change :)

Elder Ovalles