Monday, February 1, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been long and short. Kinda sounds weird but it's true.
Weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks. It's pretty funny!!
Here's my week:

Monday: we had a Zone Activity where we went and made thank you cards
for a senior couple missionary that were released this past month.
They were wonderful!! So we passed by and dropped it off for them.

Tuesday: we had exchanges!!! I went on exchanges with the District
Leader's companion, Elder Campbell. He's super awesome! He went to
Damascus High School!! Like we're both from MCPS. During that day, we
had crazy things happen. The first thing was a weird lady opened the
door while we tracting and started mumbling and then slammed the door!
(First time on Elder Campbell's mission). After that, we found a
Portuguese lady and so I started teaching her in the broken Portuguese
I know, and with fill in's of Spanish. She accepted the invitation to
learn more so now the Portuguese Missionaries are working with her.
Later that night, we ran to a group of bible bashers in the trailer
park who just had no mercy. They were going at it! We kinda just bore
testimony and then left. It was intense! After that, we went to some
apartments and ran into a guy who is from Ireland. He just went off on
a huge tangent about how he knows the mysteries of God. That no one
else in the world except him and a few others, actually understand the
Book of Mormon. He said he knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and that
the Book of Mormon is true and that the gospel is true but he's less
active. There was more said but he had no respect for the sacredness
of somethings he mentioned. I was annoyed. But after that, we ran into
some of the nicest Jehovah's Witnesses ever. They were soooooo nice!
We even gave them a Book of Mormon. But we haven't seen them since :/

Wednesday: we had a long cold day but it was still fun! We started
teaching someone named Juan. And Juan doesn't know anything about
religion. Like he knows who God is and who Jesus Christ who but he
doesn't know what role they take in his life. It's really like
teaching a baby. We realized how much he doesn't know but he's really
willing to learn about the gospel and how to strengthen his
relationship with Christ.

Thursday: we spent the first half of the day in DTM and after that, we
did some planning and then I went to my dentist appointment. Yes I'm
okay! I was just having some pain in my mouth. They just realized that
something was off soooo they fixed it and that's that :) oh and they
gave me some mouthwash to help cure a cut that I got from my retainer.
Soooooo that whole visit was 106 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!! But because I'm
a missionary........they only charged me for the mouthwash which was
like 15 dollars! :) blessings from serving in Utah.

Friday: we had an awesome weekly planning session with snacks and lots
of phone calls. We're becoming super busy! It's crazy.............
Hahahaha but this area really needs a car. Later that night, we met
with the Peña family and talked about their situation. But it came to
our attention that Corina, the non member 9 year old, is leaving for
Chile for an entire year!!!!!! Ahhhhhh it's so crazy. That was the
person we were going to baptized the 20th of February :(((((( that's
okay though, I'm sure more will come!

SaturdaySaturday was a blur but I do remember teaching a lot of
people who said "I'm Catholic and I don't need your cult." We were
like wowwwwwwwwww. Then we asked when was the last time they went to
church and one said "The Christmas of '99"........ Hahaha I thought
that was kinda funny :)

Sunday: we had a good lesson in Priesthood about Tithing and Fast
Offerings. They're soooooo important for the church and I think people
are truly realizing the importance of these two things. Later that
night, we taught an Argentine family who have a thick accent and I
kinda wondered if it was really Spanish.......hahaha but they're less
active but they're on their way back to full fellowship :) also, we
taught the Amaya family, well just brother Amaya. The wife went to
pick something up from her moms house. But as we finished the lesson,
Brother Amaya told us that if it wasn't for us visiting them these
last couple weeks, they wouldn't really have found a reason to come
back to church and renew their covenants. It was super moving :')

I love you all and I truly hope you all have a great and marvelous
week!!!!! Go to church, read the Book of Mormon and pray daily :)

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