Monday, January 18, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been long, interesting, cold, and super fun. Here's my week:

Monday: we went shopping and we went to go eat at Panda Express. At
first it was yummy but then I was like ehhhhhhh it wasn't worth it.
After that we spent the entire afternoon/evening cleaning... It was
pretty brutal. I mean we're not messy but there were things in our
apartment that were just not necessary. Plus, we had to change the
arrangement of our apartment because the Assistants to the President
were moving in with us for "a couple of weeks" which means at least
two transfers.

Tuesday: I had really good studies and I was just on such a spiritual
high and I was ready for the day. Then Elder Cox called and said we
have to change our study room because the Assistants will be sleeping
in there so we had to spend our afternoon doing that. He came over and
dropped off some cots and tables and chairs. Once all that was over,
we were like dead tired from moving and cleaning more. We visited the
Oropeza Family. They're interesting. They're members but they have
fallen back away into their old habits. (Coffee, working on Sundays,
the Virgin, los santos, etc)

Wednesday: we had lessons with the Amaya at 11 in the morning!!!!
Spanish Missionary Work never starts that early on Wednesday. And
mostly everyone kept their appointment. I'm glad because we've
planning so much just for cancellations all the time.

Thursday: we had only one lesson the entire day and it was with
someone who was trying to prove that the Catholic Church is the only
true church and that we are going to hell because we pray to Joseph
Smith. We kinda just sat there and listened to her ramble for about 15
minutes and then we cut her off (in a nice way) and asked "do you know
who Joseph Smith is?" And she went off.... Her argument started off
with "on Google..." We shared the restoration and to my surprise, she
calmed down and listened and also accepted a return appointment.

Friday: today was a sad day because everyone cancelled on us..... Even
our dinner..... It was kinda sad because we walked around trying to
contact everyone but no one wanted to meet with us.

Saturday: we had lessons all the way down in was a
long day and it was a blur. Sorry :/

Sunday: We had church and it was super good like usual. Lots of
investigators showed up to church and it caught us off guard because
it was all the youth we're teaching. Vanessa Bazan showed up too. Once
we got to Gospel Principles, the teacher said he had to go and so we
taught it! It was on "Jesus Christ, Our Chosen Leader and Savior". It
was super spiritual and I loved it. I've never taught a class at
church in Spanish before so it was a good experience.

Thank you all for constant support. Missionary Work isn't only for
Full-Time Missionaries, you all can do it too! Everyday! It doesn't
have to be going up to someone and giving them a Book of Mormon. It
could be something simple like texting a scripture to friend who's
having a hard time or if a friend asks you for advice, don't be shy to
share counsel from General Conference or other events. I promise as
you all do this, you'll feel closer not only to the people you serve,
but also to God and Our Savior Jesus Christ. It is my testimony that
God lives, that Jesus Christ lives, and that we can be the best
missionaries if we continue striving to become more like Our Savior.
We need our brothers and sisters to come unto Christ. Everyone needs
the Gospel. I know this to be true. I love you all and hope you find
these opportunities in your life.

Elder Ovalles

Monday, January 4, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a long and cold week but I still loved it. Here is my week:

Monday: We had a interesting P-Day. We cleaned our apartment and
forgot we had to go shopping. (Well, Elder Sanchez did, I just went
with him.) So when we went shopping, there was a Root Beer called
"Brighams Brew"!! It was so funny. Never in my life have I seen a
Prophet on a soda bottle hahaha that was a first. After that, we went
a hung out with other missionaries from the Sharon Park Stake. We
played basketball, soccer, and........ LACROSSE! Another missionary
had a stick and a ball and said I could use it!!! Wow, that was a
miracle. I missed playing lacrosse!! It felt weird at first but then
it all came back haha. Later that evening, we had a nice lesson with
Hermana Cruz. She loved the video we showed her and she committed
herself to keep drawing near to Our Savior.

Tuesday: we had a good amount of lessons today :) we got to teach the
Esparza family and we actually gave him a blessing because he has been
sick. So I had the opportunity to do that in Spanish. After that, we
went to Ward soccer and had a lesson with Hermana Gabriel. That was
nice because we were able to invite her and her family to come to the
Provo City Center Temple with us for next week. On the way home (we
were walking) and someone said hi and I felt prompted go back and
offer them a blessing. We came to the door and knocked, the sisters
accepted the offer. 1 hour earlier, their mother just had a stroke and
it was super intense and they weren't sure everything was going to be
okay. We couldn't enter the house so we gave them blessings on their
door step. It was one of the most spiritual experiences ever.

Wed & Thurs& Saturday: both were very sad and cold days
because we had no lessons. Even our dinners cancelled on us!!!!! It
was so sad but we didn't get discouraged.

Friday: Today was filled with mostly planning and meetings. We had DTM
and it was amazing because Elder Griffin is the new DL. It was nice
and very spiritual. After that we had lunch at Smokehouse and it was
free!!!! Soooooo good. I attached a picture so you can enjoy it too :)
after that we went to some lessons for Elder Griffin and then we did
weekly planning. And then we had really good lessons with David Amaya
and his family. They can talk to you for hours!!

Sunday: Sunday was amazing! We had so many people come to church. It
was awesome to have a packed Gospel Principles class. And after
church, we had loads of lessons and invited so many families to come
with us to the Provo City Center Temple. It was amazing to see many
people excited about visiting the House of The Lord.

Sorry this email is short!!! We have to go shopping and then district
activity!!!! But I love you all and I hope you have set spiritual
goals for this year and I know through the gospel of Jesus Christ, you
can accomplish them all.

Elder Ovalles