Wednesday, December 16, 2015


My dear family and friends, 

This week was filled with ups and downs, but overall, it was another AMAZINGGGGGG week :) here is my week:

Tuesday: we had Elder Griffin with us and it was awesome. He's such a funny but extremely spiritual elder. We had an effective correlation meeting with the Jacobs and found some new families that they were teaching who were interested in the gospel. Soooooo we wrote down the names and addresses and we visited them all!! They weren't ready... It's okay though. Everyone has their time! Something that I have learned and swore to live by when teaching people is that to Heavenly Father, their direction is more important than their speed. We taught all our lessons today in the trailer park and they were all super nice families. One in specific is the Corona Family. They are a less active family but they've been coming more and more. Their son, Christian, is 8 years old and has expressed interest in being baptized. The thing is HE NEEDS TO COME TO CHURCH. Sooooo we've been stopping by and helping him progress towards his baptism. We also have been working with the family to get them to the temple. Later that night, we stopped by a non member family who really love the church and the priesthood. The husband was going to have a surgery the next day and wanted a priesthood blessing. Wow... That was such a spiritual experience for me! It was my first time giving a blessing in Spanish. I'm not sure how I knew all those words but I knew them and it was about 5 minutes. It was great!!! 

Wednesday: today was like a golden day....for the most's why! Haha soooo we spent a lot of the day tracting. YES! We actually went tracting in Utah!! There are new apartment complexes and they're basically uncharted territory. So we went door to door sharing the gospel with everyone whether they're members or not. We ran into so many different people. Some from Syria, Australia, Russia, Peru, Madagascar, just everywhere!! We were going to leave and I felt an urge to knock on this door. We already knocked on it earlier but no one was home but the spirit said knock on this door. Sooooo I did!! A lady named Rocio opened the door. We introduced ourselves and I said we were sent to your door by the spirit, why do you think that? Soooo she explained why she thought that. She said "Because 30 minutes earlier, i was eating a restaurant and ran into some English missionaries and they began teaching me there and i told them that I want this in my life but my husband speaks Spanish so they told me that they would send the Spanish missionaries later this week. But I prayed that you would come sooner and you did! This church is true." It was a wonderful experience and we are going to start teaching her and her family starting next week when her husband comes back into town. 

Thursday: today was filled with lots of walking and cancellations. It was sad but that's okay, that means the God has something else in store for us, we just gotta look for it. So we had a lesson with Dalilah Garcia about the Love of Christ and The Book of Mormon. She really enjoyed it because she noticed she was slacking on reading. We committed her to read the Book of Mormon everyday. Later, we had a lesson about the Plan of Salvation with the Bautistas. They were soooooo excited for this lesson again but he remembered all the questions he had before so it was nice to answer them for him. They really enjoyed it and felt the spirit. We had dinner with an older couple who were super nice! The brother is actually a magician who would travel the world and stuff. It's super cool! They took us to a restaurant that was soooooo good! It was called Milagros (Miracles). My companion and I ordered huge plates of nachos. It was to die for!!! Sooooooo good. It was so good but so heavy and my stomach actually began to hurt... They dropped us off in the trailers and we began to find some new people we planned for. We found a couple of people but no male adult was home so we taught them through the window and doors. It was fun! Later that night, I got home and puked 3 times. I was like thank goodness it's over. Then my companion started puking so I realized it wasn't just me.

Friday and Saturday: it was determined that we had food poisoning and it was bad... Puking a lot and other things.... It was rough

Sunday: today was stake conference and it was soooooooo nice! I got to meet President Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve. That was nice! :) he is such a wonderful human being. Him and his wife both!! Sister Nelson was my favorite talk ever! She talked about the Gift of Desperation. We need to be desperate for the help of the Savior because there are many things in our lives we can't fix ourselves. President Nelson spoke about Jesus Christ. It was sooooooo deep. My companion and I missed the last portion of his talk because an older sister behind us began to have a seizure so we went to her rescue. My companion and I got there and he held her neck while another member held her tongue down and I started measuring her pulse. It was intense! Then all the doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc, in the stake came to her rescue. So we backed off and missed the entire ending of stake conference. Anyways, we left and ate some lunch and then we went to the new apartments. We were invited into this home and we taught a powerful lesson but they became offended for some reason and literally forced us out their apartment. It was a little scary!! 

It was a good week. I learned sooooooooo much this week! I would like to share a paragraph of my favorite talk called "What Lack I Yet" by Elder Larry R. Lawrence. Here it is: "A perfect time to ask, “What lack I yet?” is when we take the sacrament. The Apostle Paul taught that this is a time for each of us to examine ourselves. In this reverent atmosphere, as our thoughts are turned heavenward, the Lord can gently tell us what we need to work on next." My invitation to you all this week is to ask yourselves "What Lack I Yet?". I can promise you that when you do this the Holy Ghost can give you customized counsel. This customized counsel will bring peace and balance to your life that you can't find anywhere else except by the spirit. 

I love you all,
Elder Ovalles

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