Monday, December 7, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, because I did too :) here's my week:

Tuesday: was filled with lots of pictures because Elder Barbosa was
leaving and what not. We had a good amount of appointments cancel on
us. But we got on important lesson in with Sophia Esparza. Sophia is 9
years old and wants to be baptized soooooooo bad. Her family is less
active but we are working with them too. They live about 5.5 miles
away from our house sooooooo we got a good exercise. But we taught a
nice spiritual lesson with her and we invited her to be baptized and
she said yes!!!! We also gave her an adjustable CTR so she can prepare
herself for her baptism by making good choices. We got her an English
Book of Mormon because she likes reading and understands better in
English. When we were putting our coats and hats on, I asked her
"Sophie, what can we do for you?". She replied with this sweet but
powerful statement: "can you help my family be sealed in the temple so
we can be forever?".......tears literally came to my eyes. I stood
there in silence for a couple seconds and I told her "yes we
can."...... I left that house being a changed man. Because of that 9
year old girl, I don't picture everyone in baptismal white but in
temple white. We want the temple to be the goal for the families we
work with.

Wednesday: TRANSFER DAY! Wow it was sooooo exciting because our
mission is still growing! Elder De La CaƱa Barbosa got transferred to a new area, he's
training a new elder, and he is in a trio. And my new companion
is.............ELDER MORTENSEN!! He's awesome. He's from Memphis,
Tennessee!! He's been out for 14 months. His Spanish isn't the best
though....... (He served 4 months Spanish speaking and 10 months
English speaking...)! Soooooo in the lessons this week, I've been
speaking the majority of the time but Elder Mortensen has been talking
more and more. Like he tells people "estoy progresando" haha anyway,
we did a lot of finding and showing him the area. We found tons of new
investigators, it was awesome! We work so well together. I know we're
gonna have success!! Later that evening, we had a lesson with Dalilah
Garcia. She's been going through some extremely hard times.....please
pray for her. We had a lesson with her and in the middle of the lesson
she began to cry because of everything she's been going through. The
fellowshippers there are The Jacobs (the daily dose couple). They
don't understand Spanish and neither does my companion soooo I had to
teach and then translate from Spanish to English and then English to
Spanish. I believe this opportunity helped me grow my fluency.

ThursdayThursday we had District Training Meeting. Elder Mortensen
is the new district leader! He is such a spiritual man! Gosh I love
this guy. It's been like a day and half and he has already taught me
so much.  We had a bunch of spiritual lessons and we found lots of new
investigators. Later after DTM, Elder Griffin (the only black guy in
our mission) came with us for the day. He's awesome. Sooo we left our
apartment and visited a home that was rumored to have a possessed
daughter because she played with a ouija board. Sooooo we knocked on their door
 and that daughter opened the door and some type of darkness
pushed the spirit away...we felt like we were standing there alone.
It was scary. She looked possessed and her voice wasn't hers......

Friday: we did so much finding. We found lots of new investigators and
this new investigator named Noemi Garcia stood out from all of them.
We saw a girl sitting on some steps in front of a house so we went over and
talked to her. She came off SUPER ANTI and HOSTILE. Instead of running
away, we looked for real reason for her hostility. She told us about
how she had 3 kids before the age of 18. She had her first at 14 and
since then it's been really rough for her. Her husband right now is in
prison and she got evicted from her home so she lives in the basement
of her dads house. We offered to help move furniture and that's what
we're going to do Monday night. We shared one message with her about
the gospel of Jesus Christ and she enjoyed it and definitely felt the
spirit. I'm excited to meet with her again. Later that night, we went
back to the possessed people's house. We prayed to allow the spirit to
be with us the entire time and push all the darkness that fills this
house away. We knocked, but a different daughter opened the door and
she was completely fine and wasn't sick. Then the other daughter came
(her sister). We shared with them "A Savior is Born" video and then my
companion and I both bore powerful testimonies of our Savior Jesus
Christ. They understood this was important and invited us back for
Monday night. After, we prayed and thanked the lord for the safety he
provided and for allowing their hearts to be softened to this message.
We also had a lesson with the Machucas. Only the brother was there. We asked the brother
why the sister is avoiding us and he said because she's not ready.
Sooooo please pray for them too.

Saturday: we again found a lot of new investigators!! It was nice to
meet and talk to everyone! We spent basically all afternoon in
weekly planning which has to be 3-4 hours. It was a good weekly
planning session because we got lots done and have lessons and finding efforts
planned. After that, we went to teach a lesson to the Bautistas who
have been struggling. They've been improving spiritually but
physically, not so much. The sister is going to have a baby at the end
of the month and she isn't even showing. Please keep them in your
prayers too. We had a couple of lessons that night but one I wanna talk
about: The Gabriel Family. The brother and the son aren't extremely
open to the gospel....YET. But the father encourages his children to go
to church and read from the Book of Mormon. We had a lesson with the
women of the family. We taught a wonderful lesson about the Holy Ghost
and reading from the Book of Mormon. The spirit told my companion and
I to invite her to be baptized. So we did and the mom said no. (Oh
sorry, the background of the family is that the two oldest daughters
have been attending church for about 3 years. Every Sunday. Every
church activity. Even youth conference! But they haven't been
baptized. The mom works on Sunday). Anyway, we invited the mom to be
baptized and she said no. But the spirit kept telling us she wants to
be baptized but she's scared...and so we
told her we are here to help her prepare not only to be baptized but
to enter into the temple so she and her family can sealed together forever. She sat there
for a couple of minutes in silence (felt like hours) and she said
"okay, this is what the Lords wants for me." We invited her again to be baptized in the
beginning of February and she accepted and so did the two oldest
daughters. This comes to show that when the spirit whispers directions
in your ear, you follow it immediately.

Sunday: church was soooooo wonderful. As usual! I love watching people
bare their testimonies. I love when people bring a different
perspective/side of scriptures. Because of that, we can help other
people grow more and understand the scriptures more. We found more new
investigators and walked a lot. Towards the end of the night, we came
to a stop in front of a trailer. Dalilah Garcia's trailer. We prayed and
felt prompted to knock. We knew we couldn't enter because it was only
her but we felt prompted to share with her a video called "Life
without a Savior". We pulled up the video and shared it at the front
door. It is only 2 minutes and 15 seconds long and half way through,
she was sobbing. She felt the spirit! We felt spirit!! It was amazing.
We invited her to be baptized and she accepted. It was such a
wonderful experience.

Thank you everyone for your constant support and love. I know we all
know why Jesus Christ was born and what now, but I invite you today to
discover why the Savior was born for you. Not for your brother, your
cousin, your dog walker, but for you. I promise as you do so, you will
come to know why and you'll feel the love of Christ fill your
soul. Please invite everyone to do the same. Discover Why. Let that be
the question that resides in your heart this Christmas Season.

With All My Love,
Elder Nicolas Ovalles

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