Monday, December 21, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been another amazing week! Lots of ups and downs but we
learn from them. Lots of spiritual experiences and learning
opportunities. Here is my week: (it's going to be short because we
have some other things to do!)

Tuesday: we had the awesome privilege to go out with Elder Griffin
again. We spent a lot of the day planning for some new people we
found. We had a good correlation meeting with The Jacobs. They're such
a wonderful couple. It's a shame that they're being released on the
31st of December. After that, we went to go visit the new people we
found and taught a couple of wonderful lessons. My Spanish is really
getting better. Our dinner cancelled again so we went to a freebie to
eat. That was good. After that, we taught some nice lessons in the
trailer and then we went to Ward soccer where I hurt my toe and had to
leave early because it hurt like crazy. So I limped all the way back
home :( haha

Wednesday: we had such wonderful lessons! AND we had a fellowshipper
at every single lesson!!!!!!! It was so great!!!!! It was truly such
an honor to have them with us. We taught a wonderful lesson to Dalilah
and her brother is visiting from Ohio! We were able to teach a
powerful lesson and put him in contact with the missionary in this
home town! (15 minutes from Kirtland) it was a great experience to be
able to talk to him about Jesus Christ and Christmas.

Thursday: we had DTM in the morning and that was nice as usual! It's
always great to hear spiritual discussion in English. After that, we
did lots of contacting in some new apartments in vineyard. Sooooo it
was a long walk!!!! That night, we had dinner with an English family
but they spoke Spanish. They have a 16 year old son who has never been
out with the missionaries!!!! So we took him out to 4 lessons that
evening. All of them were unplanned but so wonderful. This teenager
just enjoyed himself! He was shy at first but after that, he was
living the life.

Friday: we had zone conference!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Such a wonderful
experience. I left that conference being a changed man. I'm so glad we
are focusing on Christlike Attributes this transfer. It really is
helping me fulfill my purpose as a missionary and my goal of being a
Preach My Gospel Missionary. But after that, ALL of our lessons
cancelled. But something I learned was not to be discouraged and I
wasn't and oh my goodness it has helped :)

Saturday: we helped a part member family move and it was so fun
bringing a large refrigerator up basement stairs to a truck. After
that, we went to do finding in the trailer park and then some lessons
around the corner. After that, we went to do a quick version of weeks
planning. After that we had our Ward Christmas Party! That was soooo
fun and I met so many people. We found so many people who were less
active or non members. It was such a great experience.

Sunday: church was soooooo interesting and I loved it. The talks were
about service to others. Oh and I translated sacrament meeting. (Some
members and visitors don't know Spanish so they wear headphones and I
used a microphone and translated everything.) I truly felt the gift of
tongues. Sadly, none of our investigators came to church :(((((( oh
and my companion and I were assigned to speak in sacrament meeting next
Sunday on missionary work.

I challenge you all to read "Witnesses Unto Me" by Elder Jeffery R.
Holland. This talk is such a moving one. "Asking every member to be a
missionary is not nearly as crucial as asking every member to be a
member!" Members always want to know how they can be missionary. Well
one of the best ways is to be a member. If you live the gospel, people
can just tell that you stand out from everyone else because of your
standards, because of what you know to be true. Let us all strive to
be a member and also witnesses unto him. I can definitely testify as

you all do this, you'll find many missionary opportunities throughout
your day. I love you all and I know Our Heavenly Father loves you all
as well. Have a blessed week and a Merry Christmas!

Elder Ovalles

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