Monday, November 2, 2015


Dear family and friends!

My first two weeks have definitely felt like a roller coaster from
Six Flags or something.On Wednesdayy, I will have been out for a
month! It's been super spiritual though and I can testify that through
exact obedience AND faith AND prayer (of course because faith without
works is dead), you WILL see Gods hand in your lives.

FUN FACT: I am the first Spanish Speaking Elder assigned and reported
to the Utah Orem Mission!!! (The others came from the Provo Mission
when they split)

Anyway, here is my week:

We slept in until 6:30 (normally we wake up at 5:30 to play
soccer......not my choice but I have to go with it.....I mean don't
get me wrong, I would love to play soccer, just not at 5 something in
the morning) it felt great! We visited a bunch of families. The
majority of them were less active and I loved it. We had dinner with
an English speaking couple. They're both elderly and disabled. (I think
the brother served in a war but I'm not sure which one). Anyway, the
brother recently lost 100% of his hearing so we had to communicate
with sticky notes. It was a fun night! :)

We had DTM (District Training Meeting) AND President Interviews. So
Sister Killpack (Presidents wife) handed out a sheet of paper for us
to fill out before our interviews. I finished first since I only
had a few questions to answer (because I'm new). So I got called for
the interview first. The interview went well and all I have to say
about President Killpack is that HE IS AWESOME. After DTM, we went to
the FHC (Family History Center) to clean up my Facebook. I deleted
a bunch of people and pages and likes and hid some embarrassing photos
and what not. (Brother Stratton, if you're reading this, I saw what
you said about the pancakes......... Haha. I was 13 and accidentally
poured too much water. But I made breakfast for some people. Yes it
was pancakes. No they didn't die. Yes I'm surprised too). After that,
we had lunch at Ernies. It's a sandwich hub. It's really good. (Which
reminds me, if any of you live in my mission, send me your addresses
so I can see how far you are and maybe we could have lunch or
something). Later that night, we taught the Machuca couple. We taught
them about Laws and Ordinances. Normally, you teach that after baptism
but in this mission, it's before. We scheduled that appointment not
only to teach them but also to change their baptismal date to November
21st. (You need to attend church at least three times in a row in
order to be baptized).

We played soccer in the morning. I don't think anyone can comprehend
how much I dislike waking up early to play a sport I'm not the best
at. It's terrible. Especially when I'm voted to be goalie. Anyway, we
came back and showered and began our studies. For personal study, I
began reading "Our Search for Happiness" by Elder Ballard (who I
met last Saturday). The book is sooooooo good. I invite everyone to read it, and I
testify that it holds truths that bring better understanding of life
itself. Oh and I ordered pizza (we don't get a lot of lunch
appointments) and i really enjoyed it. After that, I realized that I
could of shared the gospel with the pizza person. So I challenge
everyone to order a pizza and share the gospel and end with an
invitation to look up If you get rejected, that's okay,
you have a nice warm box of pizza waiting to be eaten.

We skipped soccer. I think I feel so much better when we don't play
soccer. I mean don't get me wrong, I lift weights and do pull ups
before showering but I just don't like waking up at 5 something to
play goalie for an hour. During personal study, I was reading more in
"Our Search for Happiness". Wow, it's a great book. Please read it.
When he tells the story about his trip with rich people to Mexico and
how it relates to So good. Like my mom says
"TOUCHDOWN!". :) The weather has been acting up a lot lately. One day
it's cold and another day it's blistering hot. I don't know why!
But we taught a good amount of lessons. We taught this brother named
Angel, he's from Mexico. (Everyone here is from Mexico, I feel alone
with my Nicaraguan-Dominican blood). But he has really been inspired to ask
questions about how he can come closer to God. So we shared the
Restoration. He understood it and he loved the part about God being
all loving. (I shared that part so how can you not? Just kidding, that
wasn't right back....I gotta go repent).

We spent most of the morning trying to fix our sink and dishwasher. It
was horrible. Water was gushing and then it stopped and it started
gushing and then stopped. Eventually we gave up, and it did too and it
began to work properly. After that, we spent our afternoon teaching a
man named Jose (from Mexico). He had some questions about life and
life after death. So we read with him Alma 11 (outside because he had
guests over that didn't like us.....lots of Anti Mormoms in our area
who work just as hard as us... but we're praying for it to stop). He
understood it and said he wants to finish reading the Book of Mormon
so we biked away happy. I GOT MY IPAD!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Soooo we spent
our Halloween at the temple and it was just awesome. It was a great
experience!!!! (We could be out and about here in Utah but people
dress up as missionaries and do non missionary things........
but with our entire mission being at the temple, there was no confusion on whether or not I was
a real missionary or not).

It was long but wonderful. THE MACHUCAS CAME TO CHURCH. Along
with a couple of the other people who we are teaching. We were so happy
to see everyone there. The ward is supportive, but they're
struggling a little with being true fellowshippers. Anyway, after
church we got invited to a barbecue by some non members. So we went
and I realized there was shrimp. (If you know me well, you 
know that I used to love shrimp but after a bad experience, I now hate
it. And I get sick at the sight of it). So the brother handed us plates
of shrimp and I looked at it and prayed. I ate it all. (My parents
told me this before I left: there is no menu on your mission OR
Nicolas, no hay menĂº. Come su comida ahoramismo)! Hahaha but after
that, we came back to the apartment to handle some business with my
iPad and make phone calls and set up appointments.

Thank you everyone for your constant prayers. I truly feel them!!!! If
you have friends in Utah who need the gospel, please tell me! I'm
ready for them. I teach people, not lessons. :) the church is true the
book is blue. I love and miss you all.

Elder Ovalles

P.S there is a chance I might go Portuguese AND Spanish speaking hahaha

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