Monday, November 23, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and life has been treating you
well! Here is my week:

Tuesday: WE HAD A MIRACLE! We had a lesson with the Bautista family.
They're an interesting bunch! Since I've been here, they've always
been "too busy for church stuff" as they would say, so I've never
taught them. My companion already knew that we weren't going to get a
lesson with them. He thought taking a break from visiting them
would help. I didn't know what to think, so I prayed. I prayed that we
could teach them frequently because they need the gospel and they need
that spiritual guidance in their lives. So I prayed on Monday for them
and the next day, we found out Hermano Bautista got hurt at work
and can't walk or do anything really. He has to be home in bed for 6
weeks. Sooooooooooo we've been teaching them everyday sometimes even
twice a day. And this experience not only helped us as missionaries
but it has also opened their eyes to fullness of the gospel.

Wednesday: We taught the Bautistas again and it was great. The brother
has so many good questions about the Book of Mormon. And it makes me
happy because that shows he's reading. His wife (well not really his
wife but soon to's a long interesting story that I'll share
in 1 year 10 and a half months) isn't too "fond" of reading but she
likes listening to what we have to say. But after having that lesson
we had lunch at Cafe Rio!!!!!! With........ELDER PAUL AND AMANDA
FISHER!!!!! It was soooooo awesome to see them and catch up with them.
Since I took Elder Paul and Torgensen to Chipotle before I left (yes,
I was nice enough to let them get guacamole too) Elder Paul treated my
companion and I to cafe rio and it was soooo good. After that, we
tried a lot of finding efforts and we couldn't find anyone. It's hard
to find people home around that time of day. Everyone is working and
in school. So it's difficult in the afternoon. We loaded up on lessons
after dinner. Soooo basically 6pm-9pm are the times we get lessons
during the school week.

Thursday: We taught the Bautistas and then we had DTM and it was
pretty fun!! My district is soooo funny and they're all extremely
spiritual people. I love them. Hermana Olivero is Dominican (from Santo
Domingo) (she's one of three in the entire mission. Me being one of them, and
Hermana Ortiz being the other. Hermana Sanchez is from New Jersey but
she's Mexican. Elder Barlett is one of the APs (AP: Assistant to the
President) and he's from Sacramento and he's hilarious. Elder Florez
is from Southern California, the hills....... Haha but he's also one
of the APs and he's awesome. Elder Spiers is one of the zone
leaders and he's from Mississippi and he's built. His dad owns
a gym so he spent a lot of time there. Elder Allen is from Oregon and he's
super smart about mostly everything. That's my district :) we had to
walk all the way to the vineyard because our fellowshipper cancelled on
us. (It's almost 7 miles in total, there and back) was brutal.

Friday: we taught the Bautistas earlier because we had our program in
American Fork. When we entered the door, he was already asking
questions about what he has been reading. It's so great!! I feel like
he'll get baptized when he can walk...... Haha. Anyway, after that,
we went to American Fork for the Musical Fireside by our mission. It was
amazing and it was well attended by lots of non-members, recent
converts and less actives. It was filled with the spirit and song. I
wish you all could have been there to see it! Oh and I made lots of
new friends with the missionaries. But I'm going to speak about one
specifically. Her name is Hermana Rackley. And she's soooooo funny!
Her companion too! But when I read her name tag I asked if she was
related to Mary Ann Rackley and she said yes, that's her Aunt!
Soooooooo that was really cool. (Mary Ann Rackley is an old friend of
our family's and was in our Ward. She came over like every Sunday back
in the day!).

Saturday: it was so cold and so long. We taught the Bautistas and it
was a wonderful lesson about Joseph Smith. After that, everyone
started calling and canceling on us....... Sooooo we had no more
scheduled lessons for that day.... soooo we were caught off guard. So, we
did a lot of walking and tried visiting families but no one wanted to meet
with us for lots of reasons. Such as, boxing was on, the soccer game was tight
, I'm leaving to go to church, it was rough. Anyway, we had dinner with
a sister named Judith Mendez and her son. It was awesome!! They took
us to this fancy Mexican restaurant where I ate and I was filled to
the max with carne asada y horchata. I literally couldn't walk to the
car......But it was soooooo good. Later that evening we had an
extremely spiritual but extremely short lesson with a less active
sister named Hermans Cruz. We talked to her about enduring to the end
and how we can press forward in life. It was nice :)

Sunday : Sundays are always awesome. And it was awesome for multiple
reasons. It turned 11am and none of our investigators, less
actives, or recent converts showed up to church. I was sooooo sad :( then we
started singing "There is sunshine in my soul today", and that gave me
hope. I said a little prayer and as soon I was finished 10 people and
their families showed up for all 3 hours of church. Miracle? I think
yes. :) Anyway, after church we went home to prepare a lesson and it
was super good and as we left our apartment, the sister cancelled on
us. It was sad but it was okay. We had dinner with the elders quorum
president and his wife, the Espinosas. They're awesome. He served his
mission in North Carolina and he showed us all these cool things
from his mission. Hermana Espinosa made something her mom used to make
called Gumbo. It was sooooooooo good. I ate two big bowls of it.

Anyway, that was my week! Hahahhaa I invite
you all to share the gospel with someone this week. I promise you as
you do so, you'll feel the love of Christ fill your soul with joy. The
church is true, the book is blue, and I love you all too!!

Elder Ovalles

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