Monday, November 30, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been filled with fun and food and lots of spiritual
experiences! Here is my wonderful week:

Tuesday: So much walking and so much cold around us. It was brutal. We
had a Correlation Meeting with the Daily Dose Couple. (Daily Dose
Couples are senior missionaries that teach English to less
members/recent converts/non members, they bring me up the gospel and
invite us over). The Daily Dose Couple are Elder and Sister Jacob.
They're awesome!!!! After that we had a lesson with the Bautistas. He
always has really good questions about the stories we're reading with
him. The sister not so much..... She wants to learn and feel the
spirit but she's not willing to do what it takes to do that. She's a work
in progress :) anyway, we did a lot of finding efforts for the rest
of the day and taught a couple lessons with some non members. Around
8:30pm, we had a Ward soccer event (every Tuesday), soooo we invited a
bunch of NM, LA, and RC. It was fun! When it wasn't our turn to play,
we would find those people we invited and teach 5-10 minute lessons.
It was nice :) we taught a sister and her daughters how to use the
Gospel Library app.

Wednesday: the coldest, the rainiest and the windiest day ever........
It was awesome! Hahaha! We did so much walking throughout the day. In
the morning, the Bautistas cancelled on us because they wanted to go
watch some soccer game or something like that, I was pretty upset.
Next time, I'm gonna ask him, what's more important: your salvation or
soccer? JUST KIDDING, I wouldn't do that hahaha. But if it comes down
to it....I will. It's happened before and we had to drop people
because of it. Anyways, after some finding efforts in Garden Park
(some apartments near one of the trillions of chapels in Utah), we had
a meeting of sorts with Obispo Chacon. He isn't a bishop anymore. He's
on the high council over missionary work. So we had a meeting to see
how we could make stake correlation meeting more effective. After
that, we had to run over to another chapel in a different stake
because my companion needed to do a baptismal interview for the STLs
(sister training leaders. Basically the female zone leaders but not
really). After that we taught a couple lessons near the trailer parks
and then dinner time came around........10 minutes before
dinner.....our dinner cancelled on us and gave us 10 dollars for us to
go buy something to eat......... No comment.......... Lastly, our
neighbor gave us sooooooo much extra food he had from something. So we
got a huge turkey, lots of meat, potatoes, cereal, milk, bread, etc. I
don't know why.....

Thursday: TURKEY DAY! Thanksgiving was awesome. I love food and the
people and the holidays!! In the morning, both my companion and
I felt prompted to take the food we were given and some extra to the
Bautistas. The brother has been out of work for sometime and he's not
receiving workers comp so they've been eating junk. We both felt it
would be nice if they had some nice food to eat for this holiday.
Sooooo we got the food and put it on their door step, rang the door
bell and ran (we did this because they would have said no just because
they would of felt embarrassed). Some of the other elders invited us
over to a breakfast with a family in their area soooo we went and it
was to die for :))))) soooooo yummy. Fruits, juice, loads of bacon and
sausages, and more! I was so happy and satisfied. After that, we went
to the turkey bowl against Orem Lakeridge. It was flag football and we
dominated. I actually don't know who one because it was pretty even
and we didn't keep score so no one got their feelings hurt :) haha.
But president and sister Killpack were there and they played a little
with us!! It was exciting to see President Killpack run like 20 yards
for a touchdown. Made my day. After that, we rushed home and shaved
and shower and got dressed and walked over to our lunch appointment.
The lunch was with the Brown Family! Loads and loads of mashed
potatoes and gravy........if there was a minute I wasn't eating, they
would chastise me and tell me to eat more....... So I had like 6
plates and 2 plates of deserts......I couldn't take anything
else...... After that, we already time for our first dinner. We went
down to the trailer park to eat with the Ramirez family. Even more
food! I just couldn't do it but I did it anyways! The Hermana cooked a
ham with a raspberry chipotle was sooo good. I love ham.
So we left to go eat with the Machuca family........I literally died
there. The Hermana gave me the biggest plate of potatoes and ham with
melted white cheese on top............. I was dying and barely could
finish it.......she came over and gave me more. She said she would be
offended if I didn't finish it......sooooo it took me a while but I
finished it and then she gave me 4 big tamales.......those we soooo
good. I was fine stuffing those down. But it was nice having a dinner
with them and their family. We were able to see what was holding the
Hermana back from coming to church and what not. On our way home from
the Machucas, we saw a recent convert family (just the mom and two out
of three of her kids are members. The father isn't interested [yet],
and the youngest isn't old enough to be baptized) and they were locked
outside of their house because someone left the keys inside...... So
we spent 30-40 minutes helping them break into their house. It was
just the non member husband and my companion and I. It was too
cold for everyone to be outside of the car. Sooooooo we prayed and
then we got the door open. It was a miracle!!!!! The brother has
always been cold and has never let us in or was nice to us but the
first thing he said to us as the door was opened was "Come on in!". It
was the best thing ever. This is a new start and I'm so happy they got
locked out, because without this experience, we wouldn't have gotten
the opportunity to talk with the brother. Lastly, we went home and
died. :) I slept well.

Friday: a couple meetings but at least we were warm. In the morning,
we had DTM which was again really nice and fun. After that, we went to
lunch at Los Mitos (an argentine restaurant). The owners are Mormom so
they let us eat for free :) but we only eat there every other week!
After that, we stopped to visit with a couple families in Garden Park.
We then walked over to our apartment to do Weekly Planning which
usually lasts 3-4 hours..... It's rough but it's effective! After
that, our dinner cancelled and gave us money. We didn't even bother to
buy anything. We just finished planning and ate cereal and soup. It
was nice :) after that, we went down to the trailer park and it was
soooooo cold. I was dying but I was a little warm. I had two socks,
PJs under my pants, a sweater, my coat, two scarfs, and my hat. The
wind made it worse...... We stopped by the Ramirez Family but only the
Hermana was there. She really likes to spoil the missionaries so she
brought three chairs, blankets, a huge plate of food, water, chocolate
de abuelita, and some warm pads. It was nice. We ate and talked with
her for sooo long. She's an amazing sister and we taught a lot of
spiritual lessons with her that turn emotional. She's just a wonderful

Saturday: I don't remember what we did on Saturday. All I know is that
all of our lessons outside of the trailer park cancelled on us.......

Sunday: church is always such a wonderful experience. Partaking of the
sacrament every Sunday is such an amazing opportunity for all of us.
We waited for the Machucas but they never showed up......we were
sad..... But in the middle of a talk, we got a text from Hermano
Machuca asking what time is the English service because he wanted to
come to church! We were so excited! We told him 1pm and we waited for
them and everything but they never showed up....... We went to other
church buildings to see if they went there instead but they weren't.
We were pretty sad. We've been trying to contact them ever since but
no isn't good. Soooooo please pray for this family.

Anyways! That was my week. I love my mission and I love Jesus. Oh and
invite you all to watch the new video by the church called "A Savior
is Born". Please share it and send it to your friends! And I invite
you all to pray and study to find out WHY a Savior was born. The
church is true, the book is blue, and I love you all too!

Elder Ovalles

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