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Life is good and my mission is great! (You'll see why I captioned my
email "Am I living in Southeast DC" soon).......Here is my week:

TUESDAY: Today was crazy. Like everyday is, haha. We tried a lot of
finding efforts but it's pretty hard because the Latinos we try to
visit aren't home from 5am-4pm. It's rough. Most of our lessons today
were in the trailer park. We taught a couple that's been going
through some serious marital problems and they really need the gospel.
We've been teaching them for awhile but it's hard to teach when the
spirit of contention is sitting right there between them. So please pray for
them so they can come to know and feel the happiness the gospel

WEDNESDAY: most of the day today we had a training at the mission
office. It was basically to see if the trainers and trainees weren't
murdering each other. There were some companionships that we're having
some real problems that haven't been resolved. I'm glad Elder Barbosa
and I cleared things up and got to work. A couple of weeks ago it was hard
to approach the situation but then I remembered that I inherited my "bold
gene" from my mom. So I just straight up said this is what's
happening, this is how it's impacting us, and this is how we can work
better. (Don't worry, it was said with love and humility). And because
of that, we've had so much success! Sorry for that little tangent.
Anyway, we had a couple of families cancel on us early in the afternoon.
Like an hour before dinner. Then my companion said we need to talk to
people so I took him up on that. So while we were biking away from
an apartment building, I saw a guy sitting on a bench and I went
over to talk to him. His name is Elias and we taught him the restoration.
Turns out, our Spanish ward has been looking for his family for a
little over 6 years. Soooooo finding him was a miracle!!! So after
dinner, we brought our stake president out with us to a lesson with
Silvestre. Silvestre is guy in his late teens who has a pregnant
girlfriend. His girlfriend is a less active member and Silvestre isn't a
member. For a while we couldn't get a hold of them but we did earlier
in the week and scheduled an appointment for Wednesday. Anyway, we
taught a lesson about scripture study and set up a reading plan for
them. Also, we reinforced the law of chastity again. At first
Silvestre was kind of confused so I kinda just laid it out there for
him. I said if you want to be baptized, you either have to move out or
get married. He said he doesn't know so we invited him and his
girlfriend, Karla, to pray about it. They said they would. After that,
President Jensen gave them some advice and I think that really helped

Thursday: today was a slow day but it was nice. We looked for a lot of
inactive people and found a couple that just happened to be home.
Anyway, the day was slow and we thought we weren't going to have a
lesson with an investigator which is really rare. But the Machucas
called back and said they could meet, soooooo we went over and had an awesome
lesson. Sister Machuca was dealing with a crying baby upstairs so we
just had the lesson with Brother Machuca. We went over the baptismal
questions with him so he would be prepared for when he has his

Friday: today was just filled with sooooo much finding! It was
awesome. We found a couple of new investigators and they were just so
solid. We are going to follow up with them later.

Saturday: "Am I serving in Southwest DC?!".......I say this because my
bike was stolen.......... It was stolen right in front of our
apartment......... I was freaking out and I was like "who would be
hindering the work of the Lord by stealing my bike?!?!" My bike
was locked up through the frame of the bike and also through the wheel
and a pole. Sooooooooo we spent most of our free time looking for my
bike. We did find my helmet like 10 houses down on someone's yard. So knocked on their door 

but it was an old lady so I assumed

it wasn't her haha. We reported it to the police and everything soooo
they're "looking for it". "Am I serving in Southwest DC?!" I say this
because we got back to our apartment and the water wasn't working... the
toilet was acting up and it was just gross!!!!! We said a prayer and
went on with our day and taught a beautiful lesson on the plan of
salvation to the Garcias and it was awesome and we had a couple other
lessons with less active families. "Am I serving in Southwest DC?!" I
say this because when we get to our apartment, we realized that our
front and back doors were unlocked..... (If anyone knows me, I like
keeping things locked and I always remember to lock doors and cars and
what not. So we know I locked the door). We checked to see if anything
was stolen. Later, Elder Barbosa said he thought it happened earlier
this week to but he wasn't sure if he was just being crazy. But it was
confirmed when we found mud foot prints in our kitchen. Soooooooooo
when we went to sleep, we brought our expensive things to out room and shut and
locked the door and barricaded the door with the extra bed we have. It
was fun :)

Sunday: it was awesome. Church is always awesome. I love it!! We had
someone speak about staying in the boat. soooo remember friends, stay
in the boat!!!! Haha, anyway, we had lunch at a member's home
and there were other members there too. They had yummy food and
someone said to eat this jabanero or habanero (I'm not sure how you
spell it). But they said if I ate the smaller one, it would be less
spicy so I was like oh okay.......WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE. I was
crying and my throat was burning. My mouth was numb. It was
awesome!... They gave me lots of milk and salt and ice cold water. They
were laughing but they felt so bad. I was laughing, but crying. They
said I'll be able to learn Spanish faster now hahahhaa ha.

I love you all and I miss you all! Please read the Book of
Mormon. If you read 7 pages everyday for 12 weeks, you'll be done with
the book. Jesus Christ is awesome and the church is

Elder Ovalles

We ran into a lady who was making hats and she told us to try them on!

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