Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Elder Nick Ovalles' email this week:

Hey family and friends!

I hope everyone had a splendid week! I know I did! On October 20th
around 6pm, I arrived at the Orem Utah Mission Home! We were welcomed
and had an awesome dinner. We spent the night there and I slept great!
Well, without further ado.... Here is my week:

Wednesday: we arrived at the mission building in Lindon and had a
bunch of meetings and trainings. After that, it was transfer meeting!
My heart was racing because I wondered who y companion was! All the
missionaries were called first and I was the last one...seriously!
President Killpack said the following: "Elder Ovalles, meeting your
new companion, Elder De La CaƱa Barbosa!" We saw each other, we
embraced and then we sat down. Elder Barbosa was born in Mexico but
lives in Virginia! EAST COAST FOR THE WIN! Something even cooler is
that he plays lacrosse too!!!! We were meant to be companions! I was
assigned to the Orem Heights Zone, Suncrest 8th Ward (Spanish
Speaking) in the Geneva District!! So after that, we went to go buy my
bike. It was a good 250-300 dollars........! Then we went to target to
buy some other things like food. (Yes mom I used coupons). Anyways, we
got back to our apartment (it's only Elder Barbosa and I living there)
and got ready for our lesson. So we biked (no cars in our area, sadly)
to a trailer park where we do most of our teaching. We had dinner with
the Corona Family. They're awesome an family. They're less active but
we're helping them come back :) so after that we biked back to our
apartment because our planned appointments weren't home. One the way
biking home, I got my first flat tire. It was the worst. But lots of
people in Utah spoil the missionaries so we had people come fix my
bike and gave me two new bike tubes and a bike repair kit.....all
within 30 minutes.....talk about love for the missionaries! That night
we taught the Machuca Family.. Well just the husband and wife but
still. The lesson was so spiritual. He has given up drinking and has
committed to live the Word of Wisdom. I felt prompted to invite them
to be baptized, I don't know why but I did. And they said YES! So they
will both be baptized on November 7th! Well if all goes well with
church attendance and they keep the commitments then it will happen.

Thursday: So we were in the middle of finding people to teach in the
trailer park when the mission office called and ask if we could be a
trio until Saturday morning. (Elder Sanchez missed his plane home). So
we walked everywhere because he didn't have a bike. We taught a bunch
of lessons and played soccer with some kids in the trailer park.

Friday: We taught a bunch of lessons to less active families in the
trailer park and the neighborhood outside of it. I would go into
detail but that takes too long. We went to this Latino Restaurant
where missionaries can whatever they whenever they want. It was great
and I ate as much as I could. It was good! I had the best empanadas
there! You all have to try some! Which reminds me, send me recipes!

Saturday: biggest and only highlight of the day---- meeting Elder
Ballard of the 12! He is awesome and he is a funny guy but so

Sunday: our alarm didn't ring!!!!! We were almost late to stake
correlation meeting! The Machucas missed church :( it was sad

Anyways, I love you all and sorry I couldn't reply to all of you
personally. You can always send emails and I'll begin typing them
through the week! I didn't get my full time for email so I'll reply
later this week if I have time.

Love you all and miss you all,

Elder Ovalles

Monday, October 19, 2015


Elder Nicolas Ovalles' email this week:

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope all is well with you! I used to be a baby and cry about my family, but I've reduced it to once a week. Losing myself in the work was the best solution to cure my homesickness. But homesickness is real big problem here at the CCM (MTC). As Zone Leader, I had to help people with their homesickness and their late night crying, but everything has worked out. Earlier this week, I saw a group of new missionaries (who were homesick) go home the same day they got their. It was sad. Sooooo please, always pray for the missionaries here at the CCM (MTC). This last week has been a roller coaster!! I am soooooo tired of the food. I don't know how people can eat this food for 9 weeks! The rice they serve here isn't real. I mean it is, but it isn't...ya feel? I haven't met a latino out here that likes the rice they're serving. Anyways, the Spirit has been soooooo strong and I can feel it 24/7. HERE IS MY WEEK!

Tuesday: My Spanish has been getting a lot better! I definitely feel a lot more fluent!!! So on this day, we taught our first TRC lesson. So our investigator's  name was Jose Meza! He is an awesome old guy. Solid Investigator. The first lesson we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He understood it all and has lots of questions that was easily answered through our testimonies of The Atonement and his earthly ministry. 

Wednesday: We had In Field Orientation all day long........it was soooooo long. Like seriously. But I took a lot from it. I learned today that a relationship with the members of the branch or ward is super essential for success in missionary work. Help from the members will help with referrals, investigators, and recent converts. President Hinckley once said "Every new member needs three things: A Friend, A Responsibility, and the good Word of God."

Thursday: We had another TRC lesson with Jose. It was super spiritual and lots of crying on both parts! Elder Villanueva and I felt prompted that we should teach the Plan of Salvation and we taught it. Jose loved it and he understood it like he knew it before. The spirit was so strong we invited him to be baptized and he said YESSS! He will be baptized on November 7th!!!

Friday: We had our last TRC lesson with Jose and again, it was so super spiritual!!! He presence just brings so much light into the lesson and we are able to teach with such confidence and love. We taught him more about the Plan of Salvation. He had more questions, but we were able to answer them. 

Saturday: We had our last Classroom Instruction time. It was good!! Everyone knows I don't really like to be in classes for a long period of time but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! But there was serious drama going on in our Branch that was needed to resolved through the MTC Presidency... (No, it didn't involve me for all those who were thinking it was me haha)

Sunday: Today was sooooooo long. Lots of meetings that we were late to because of Elder Hafen waking up late :P anyways, the lessons were good and Sacrament was good. (Sacrament Meeting goes by so quickly) It was an emotional day after Sacrament because of the drama that was the day before... But temple walk was beautiful AS USUAL. TheSunday Night Devotional was SOOOOOOOO good. Former BYU Football Star and Eagles Tight End, Chad Lewis and his wife spoke to us. With a surprise speaker......TAYSOM HILL #4!!!!!!!!!! (Taysom Hill is/was a quarterback for BYU until he suffered a season-ending injury during the first game of the season against Nebraska). I got to meet him and he is awesome! He has this little scooter thing to roam around because he can't walk :( 

Monday: I took Elder Hafen to travel because he leaves at 8:30 and then we took Elder Morales to travel at 9:30 because he leaves for Paraguay today. (AWESOME DUDE) And now we are sending emails and chillin because we all leave tomorrow!! :)) PRAISE JESUS. haha sorry. I'm so happy to be leaving already.

In conclusion, my time here at the CCM (MTC) has been but a small time in my service to the Lord. I KNOW this church is true, I KNOW that Jesus Christ suffered for all of nuestros pecados. I KNOW that my purpose to invite and help people to come unto Christ through the restored gospel will bring gozo y felicidad to many families in my mission.

Elder Ovalles

P.S: I leave the CCM tomorrow at 4:30pm. So from now on, send all mail, packages, etc. to my mission home! Address: Utah Orem Mission 612 West 100 South, Lindon UT 84042

Monday, October 12, 2015


A few things he said in his email this week:

"I have two companions! One named Elder Hafen (from Minnesota serving in Argentina) and Elder Villanueva (from Guatemala serving in Salt Lake City South)."

"We had a huge new missionary devotional in this room in the CCM. We sung "Armies of Helaman". At the part where it says "and we will be the Lords missionaries...", they had us change it to "and we are now the Lords missionaries...". It was super spiritual."

"On Thursday we had two 3 hour classes (all in Spanish)...We then had a devotional with the Branch Presidency (Branch 12. I'm in District 12G). After we had the devotional, they had interviews with everyone for the leadership positions. Elder Hafen and I got called as Zone Leaders."

"We watched The Character of Christ by Elder Bednar....It was so good. I don't think I have listened to a message as good as that one."

"PROS OF THE MTC: the spirit, vending machine, the all you can eat food, the language, the people, and getting to look good in my suit 24/7."



-Elder Ovalles

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Elder Nicolas Ovalles will be reporting to the MTC in 3 days! You can find his email address and mailing address under the "Contact" tab. 

May our Heavenly Father bless him as he consecrates the next two years to the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.