Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy new year

Dear Family and Friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Its a new year which means there should be a new you.
Even if you were doing the things you're supposed to, you still have
room to improve! My week was extra busy (not a lot of proselyting was
done) and cold. Here's my week:

Monday:We cleaned our apartment and helped some other missionaries
with things they need to do. We had to run some errands in the
southern part of the mission. We did different things and then we got
ready for some interviews we had to conduct. After that, we got ready
for some exchanges we had to do.

Tuesday: We did exchanges with the Lehi Traverse Elders (Elder Lamb
and Elder Sorensen). Elder Sorensen came with me and we had so much
fun. We had two dinners and we were dying because they were so heavy.
But our last dinner was with a less active family. After eating, we
were able to share the message of the restoration and help them truly
rekindle that flame of faith that once burned bright. They accepted
certain invitations to change their lives. We were so happy to see
them accept that. Following the closing prayer, the wife began telling
us more about her and we figured out that her father recently passed
away and we sat back down and began teaching once again. It was so
powerful to see her opening up to the Lord again.

Wednesday & Thursday: Sick/Preparing for our Zone's New Years Eve Activity.

Friday: We had President Interviews all day and we had weekly planning
after that sooo that was our day :)

Saturday: We had a meeting with President and Sister Killpack because
my companion goes how really soon. After that, we prepared for the
Zone Activity. That last from 4:30pm to 8:45pm..... we had to clean up
and everything so we got home late and we were so tired.

Sunday:NEW YEARS! No one really came to church...haha I am not sure if
they were out of town or just lazy, but there were barely enough to
have the overflow (it usually goes into the gym in like every English
Ward here).

Elder Ovalles

Monday, December 12, 2016

This week

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you all have had an amazing week! We have had an amazing week
and it's been super crazy......and on top of that, today we got
transfer calls!

Transfer News: I'll be staying in the area and training a new Zone
Leader again. Elder Riddle is getting transferred to Eagle Mountain.
My new companion is Elder Brown, he is also from Texas. This is his
last transfer. So after he goes home, I'll get a new companion again.
So it's safe to predict that next transfer I'll stay in the area and
train and new Zone Leader hahaha. Oh and this transfer is a 7 week
transfer......those are always tough! Wish me luck!

Here's my week (it'll be short because we have some transfer things to do):

Monday: we just decided to relax and stayed home after running all of
our errands. We took naps and relaxed. It felt nice to take a nap for
once! We then had to prepare for some lessons and interviews we had. I
had the opportunity to conduct a Spanish interview. It felt so nice! I
miss Spanish so much :'((

Tuesday: we did lots of finding and contacting. We got the chance to
go the temple! It was sooooo refreshing like always. We also did a lot
of preparing for Zone Conference. We have to give a training with
other Zone Leader (that's always such a pain). We met up for a meeting
in American Fork. We planned it out and it was good! After that, the
Assistants called and asked if we could prepare the gym for Zone
Conference. We go to the gym and it was super super super small and it
wouldn't fir everyone in there.....comfortable..... sooo we went to
another chapel and then another chapel and then one more and back to
the first one. It was crazy..........we were out until like 10
something and then the Assistants came helped and realized it wasn't
the chapel, so we took it all down and then went home for the night.

Wednesday: we woke up super super early to go set up the right chapel.
And then we had Zone Conference! It was soooooooo amazing. Then we did
some Christmas activities. It was fun! I got my Christmas gift too :)
thanks for that mom and dad!

Thursday: we had a mission wide Christmas activity. It was really fun!
We went to go watch a play in Orem. We watched the A Christmas Carol.
It was reallllyyyyyyy good! I got front row seats :)

Friday and Saturday: we had weekly planning and then we had lots of
people to contact because we didn't have a lot of time during the
week. Also, we had an event in our Stake called "O Holy Night". It was
super fun! It was a bunch of talented singers from all over Utah and
live Nativity. They had camels and lambs and everything! It was super
legit. We got lots of referrals, it was good.

Sunday: church is always amazing but we had an unusually large amount
of long meetings. After that we headed over to traverse mountain for a
Musical Performance some elders and us were doing. It was nice! We
sang the First Noel.

Elder Ovalles

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been super busy but really fun! I would love to tell you all about it, but due to us getting our car back, our day has been backed up :( soooooo this email will be not super short, but small :) here's my week:

Monday:we had wonderful lesson with Fiorella and her family! They are SUPER solid. They went to church for two sundays in a row! They ask lots of really really good questions. So in that lesson, it was super powerful because we were talking about Modern Day Prophets. And so when my companion dropped the bomb about a living Prophet, Fiorella turned to her husband and then to us and said "there is a living Prophet? AWESOME!" She loved it and so did her family. It was an amazing experience because after we showed her a small part of a talk that President Monson gave, they knew he's a Prophet. 

Tuesday: We had an all day service project! We (4 Zones in the Orem area) participated in the building of an "All Around" Park. This park is to allow children (of all physical capabilities) to enjoy their time at the park. So we spent basically the WHOLE day there. It was hot, but really fun. It was a big community effort, so we saw a lot of the members from church there! After that, we showered and had some great lessons! Later that night, we begin exchanges with the PG Elders, I was going to their area for the day. 

Wednesday: The morning of the exchanges, we had to conduct a baptismal interview! Those are always fun :) After that, we did lots of finding and contacting. Sometimes on exchanges I feel so lost! But I just do what I do best and I know the Lord will do the rest :) We found some good solid people and also a lot of really rude people. Later that night, there was one lesson in specific that stood out to me. There was a man we found who has never spoken to missionaries, or a Mormon for that matter. Anyways, as we were doing How To Begin Teaching, we were able to find out that he didn't have a lot of knowledge on Religions in General. I LOVE PEOPLE LIKE THIS! It's always super fun to explain that we are all children of God, and his face just lit up! It was an amazing feeling for everyone involved. 

Thursday:We had District Training Meeting in the morning! That was fun :) Elder Vi is a good District Leader. After that, we planned for our Musical Number that we will be performing at Zone Conference next week. Also, later that night we found Juliana (after the longest time ever) and her Brother (who is a less active member). They both are solid and have many good questions. We also played soccer later that evening after our lesson with Brian. 

Friday:We received permission to attend the Funeral for Moises Morales down in Provo. It was a very spiritual experience for everyone that attend! Attending a Funeral as a missionary is very very different. Not a weird different, but a good and spiritual one! Because of what was sad, I have even a firmer testimony of the plan of happiness. 

Saturday:We did lots and lots of driving......we had to take one of our missionaries to Highland for a Baptism because his ride cancelled super last minute. Then we had to pick up his companion from another Baptism. It was a long day for my legs haha :( but later that night, I saw a guy playing basketball and he challenged me and I accepted! We played and it was great! First time playing in a VERY long time. I left and my feet were killing me the rest of the night..... I get home to find two blisters on my feet. One on each foot hahaha they hurt but good thing I got my First Aid Merit Badge because I knew exactly what to do :)

Sunday: My feet killed me :(((( but church was amazing :DD so many investigators accepted the challenge of attending church for the three hours and they did! Every single talk was something they really needed in their lives!

Elder Ovalles

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

BoM's & The After Life

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was amazing even with a few hiccups. Here it is:

Monday: lots of running around as usual! But we cleaned the apartment
and then left into the field. We didn't have any lessons but we set
lots of good appointments for this week and the coming week. We also
met a crazy person........ I can't share what happened........it

Tuesday: we had MLC like all day long................... We didn't get
back to our area until late at night.

Wednesday: we took our beautiful new car into the shop :( it had to be
fixed. But we took another companionships car. They weren't very happy
about it......... ANYWAYS. We sorted things out for our training
meeting on Thursday. After that, we began day exchanges with the
Suncrest-Sharon Park Elders. I went there! It was sooooooooo fun!!! I
haven't walked an area like that in sooooo long. I miss it so much!
Since Elder Silva is pretty new, I showed him all the different people
I used to teach when I was there. At the end of the night, we went to
house that I was working with! I'm not sure if you all remember Kaila
and Orlando? It's okay if you don't. Well, we didn't teach them but we
did teach Orlando's parents. They have never spoken to missionaries
and really haven't heard of the LDS church. We taught them and we
invited them to be baptized and they accepted! It was such a wonderful
experience to see people take such a great leap of faith. God truly
loves His children.

Thursday: we had our Zone Training Meeting! It went amazing. Our
monthly focus as a mission is the Book of Mormon. I have grown such a
massive love for the BoM! I had a love for the BoM before my mission,
but man, I gotta tell you all! It's the best book ever. A couple of
weeks ago, I made a goal to place (give out) a BoM every single day to
a non member. I haven't missed a day so far! Whether or not we teach
them, they have the most important book in their possession. We have
heard of some miracles already :) it's great!

Friday & Saturday: As a Zone, we participated in the Timpanogos
Storytelling Festival in Provo Canyon. It was super fun but super
hot!!!! I got really tan. I mean, I already am tan, but even tanner!
Anyways, we were in charge of directing traffic. Let just say, there
were lots of people who didn't listen to us.............. It was
annoying! I think this is how all the prophets felt when no one heeded
their warnings. Later that night, we met Elder Rees from the District
1 (the Polynesian elder). It was super cool! I came home that night
and watched some of the District 1 and 2. It's sooooo critical to
understand Preach My Gospel.

Sunday: One of the hiccups of this week is that Moises Morales (our
recent convert) passed away last night. He was interviewed by the
Bishop and Stake President to received the Melchizedek Priesthood. The
Bishop came into the hospice room that was filled with lots and lots
of family and friend. He and Moises' sons, ordained him an Elder. 10
minutes later, Moises passed on. Something that really helped me
understand this entire experience is my conviction in the Plan of
Salvation. In D&C 122:7,9 says “Know thou, my son, that all these
things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good...
“Therefore, hold on thy way..., for God shall be with you forever and
ever.” The challenges we go through here on this earth are a part of
the plan of happiness and are inevitable experiences. We truly have to
hold on our way and accept every single challenge AND blessing we have
with faith.

Elder Ovalles

Monday, August 15, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

(I just want to apologize now because this week was really swamped
with training missionaries how to use Facebook again). This week we
saw a huge miracle! A miracle that changed me and also everyone
involved. I mean, we see miracles everyday, but this one just won it
all. Here's my week:

Monday: We had Zone Activity. It was super fun!! We did different
activities that were messy. When we were cleaning up the chocolate
syrup, the bag we were putting it in RIPPED! Chocolate Syrup got all
over the ground of the kitchen. We had to clean it up...it took
forever but was worth it haha. Later that night, we had a lesson with
Elizabeth. She is progressing, but we're getting a feeling that there
is another reason she wants to be baptized.

Tuesday: we had MLC like all day long. It was brutal...but the lunch
was so yummy! The focus of the MLC was Online Proselyting. We are one
of a couple missions that are using this new training given my the
church. We are super excited to begin teaching people the restored
gospel over Facebook and the other media we'll get to use. In the
evening, we had a lesson with Elizabeth and she came out guns blazing
and we did too. She stood firm and told us that she has enough faith
to be baptized into the church but does not want to read the Book of
Mormon and pray about Joseph Smith. We explained it to her and bore
our testimonies about the gospel. Her family also did the same.
Something that we found out is that she has throat cancer and not very
much longer here...

Wednesday: we planned with the STLs how we were going to train the
Zone on all of the training we received during MLC. We planned for a
long time...there was so much to cover in so little time (the training
given from the missionary department was about 3 hours). So we had to
throw in the needs of the Zone and everything while we were in there.

Thursday: we gave the training. It ROCKED! Elder Barbosa and Sister
Parkman are both so awesome. Luckily, we didn't have a member of the
missionary department come observe our zone training meeting, but we
did have a close second, Elder Spiers (he's one of the assistants and
also my first Zone Leader in the field).

Friday: weekly planning and cleaning out our Facebooks.....then we had
a couple lessons and Friday night was slow because everyone was
getting ready for the weekend. IT sucks! :( but that's okay, the lord
provided people for us to teach.

Saturday: no lessons but HUGE MIRACLE. On Saturday, Elder Gunter (a
senior couple that serves in the office) called and told us that a
member called on behalf of one of her non-member friends (a non-member
Hispanic) in the Provo Hospital needing a blessing because she was
going to be giving birth soon. The member gave Elder Gunter the home
address for this non-member family to see who would be the
corresponding Spanish Missionaries. It turns out to be us! Elder
Gunter asked for permission to take us down there to the hospital. As
we entered the car with Elder and SIster Gunter, he began telling us
about the non-member and how she is very interested in the gospel and
wants to be baptized along with her family. As he was speaking, he
mentioned her name. What I realized was that I found her and her
family a couple weeks before Christmas in the Suncrest Stake. I worked
with her and her family, they began to progress rapidly, was set with
a baptismal date, and we even took them to the Provo City Center
Temple Open House, which they loved. Everything was going well until
we went by again, and no one was there at all. They literally
disappeared! I was devastated. But as we entered the hospital, and
entered her room, she saw me and I saw her and emotions just swept in.
She began just talking and talking about how she didn't know how to
contact me or other missionaries. We talked, then gave the blessing. I
had the wonderful opportunity to do it. After we finished offer this
blessing, she said she felt different, she felt peace, and truth.
Everyone in the room truly felt the Spirit from their toes to their
head. Right before we left, she told me that this is a sign and that
God has spoken to her through us. We left and entered the car, and we
all agreed that there is no way that god's hand wasn't in this. I know
that God has blessed me and Elder Barbosa with experiences like this
because we have prepared ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally,
and most importantly, spiritually.

Sunday: we had our usual Sunday meetings. But testimony meeting was
great in the Lakeridge Ward. Elizabeth got there and was still pretty
set on not reading the Book of Mormon, and I kid you not, every single
testimony was given was on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. GOD

I love and miss you all!

Elder Nicolas Ovalles

Monday, July 25, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

This week was such a blast! Elder Barbosa and I found families that are amazing and ready for baptism. Here's my week:

Monday: super boring but fun. We didn't have an lessons but we did lots of finding though and it went well!

Tuesday: EVERYONE CANCELLED ON US. It was sad :( 

Wednesday: We did lots of finding in the area. We found some families that are pretty darn interested! They kept asking questions geared towards baptism! During Dinner, we had a lesson with Ever (yes, thats his name). It went super well because it was in another members home. The Familia Alfaro are amazing fellowshippers and help Ever understand the importance of the Book of Mormon. Later that night, we had a lesson with the Familia CariƱo. They are such a wonderful family. They are going through some struggles but they are keeping the faith.  

Thursday: EVERYONE CANCELLED ON US...AGAIN.....except Jesus Martinez and his daughter, Vanessa!!!!! They are so ready for baptism! We found them the other day on exchanges. I was with Elder Lopez and we decided to knock on this one door and Jesus opened (I talked about him in my email last week I think). Anyways, him and his daughter are very receptive to the message and the father just came straight out and said they want to be baptized and his other two daughters as well. The daughter confirmed it as well! It was great :) 

Friday: We did weekly planning like all day! Our fridays are usually the same. Plan, Eat, Teach! Hahaha we had some pretty strong lessons today. Aguilar Family invited us in right after planning and we read with them the Introduction of the Book of Mormon. It was super spiritual because we read every single paragraph and we explained simply. The Father (who was never interested) begin participating. He accepted the invitation to pray about it and was excited because we promised him he would receive an answer if he pray with real intent (something that he was lacking). 

Saturday: we did exchanges with one of the District Leaders in the Zone.....ELDER SANCHEZ. It was nice to be with Elder Sanchez for the day. It reminds me of old times with him in the Winter. We had fun and found some new people to teach. One in specific came to the Pioneer Breakfast. Her name was Marta. Shes from Aguascalientes! She was nice and invited us over to teach her, her husband and her 7 children. We also found a young girl whose mom is less active but wants to come back. We shared with her the Restoration and she said she knows its true and called her mom out and said she knows its true but she just doesn't go to church because she didn't make friends. Lets just say the chancla is real...............and the little girl can testify of it haha. 

Sunday: LONG DAY. Thats all I have to say about that...... But I really enjoyed church because we had so many investigators that came to all the wards! They were happy and stayed ALL 3 HOURS!!!! Also, they offered to help out with the different activities in the Ward!

My Dad sent me talk earlier today that I read during my personal study. It is called, "You Know Enough" by Elder Neil L. Anderson. Its super good!! Something he said was: Challenges, difficulties, questions, doubts—these are part of our mortality. But weare not alone. As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, we have enormous spiritual reservoirs of light and truth available to us. Fear and faith cannot coexist in our hearts at the same time. In our days of difficulty, we choose the road of faith. Jesus said, “Be not afraid, only believe.” Let us make sure that in our trials and tribulations that we all go through, that we choose the road of faith. Our questions and doubts are resolved or become less concerning to us. Our faith becomes simple and pure. We come to know what we already knew. ALWAYS CHOOSE THE ROAD OF FAITH. 

Elder Ovalles

Monday, July 18, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a great week, not too many lessons, but lots of appointments were set! Here's what happened:

Monday: we ran around all over Orem because we had to do stuff for the Zone.

Tuesday: we had President Interviews basically all day so we were running around for that as well. We were also told that we will be receiving Facebook back really really soon. Soooooo thats super exciting and a little scary! Later that night, we contacted a lot of the people and set some lessons up. I also did a baptismal interview for one of our District Leaders. It went well! The little girl will be baptized this saturday. After that, we got ready for exchanges with another one of our District Leaders, Elder Lopez and Elder Vi. I brought Elder Lopez to my area and Elder Barbosa went to theirs. It was fun and we got a lot of work done.

Wednesday: We did lots planning and running around for the Zone. One of our lessons cancelled and we decided to visit this person who hasn't been interested in a very long time. So we knock on his door and he opened and invited us in!!!!! We taught him and he accepted the invitation to be baptized. Also, he told us his 3 daughters also want to be baptized. MIRACLE :) we have a lesson with him and his family this Wednesday.

Thursday: We didn't have DTM today because we did it during President Interviews on Tuesday. But we did lots and lots of finding. 

Friday: did weekly planning like all day and had no lessons with YSAs :( they were all on dates and on vacation. 

Saturday: THE GAVITOS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so great. Highlight of the day :)

Sunday: church all day and meetings all day........super good dinner though :) all had a great lesson with the Carino family. The Hermana recently had a baby and she has been inviting us over to teach her family. The entire family accepted the invitation to be baptized :))))) 

Elder Ovalles